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Jan 1

New Years Day
The start of the year is a time of new beginnings. Create a design that shows what you wish for and dream of achieving this year.

Jan 2

International Science Fiction Day
Anything can happen in a science fiction book or movie. Design an out-of-this-world creature or spacecraft.

Jan 3

The paper straw was invented in 1888
Straws were eventually made from plastic and now they are causing big problems for sea creatures and the environment. Can you design an environmentally-friendly, sustainable drinking device?

Jan 4

World Braille Day
Braille is an important communication tool for people living with blindness or vision impairment. Design something useful for someone who can't see. Be sure to add a special message using the Braille font in Shaper.

Jan 5

National Bird Day (US)
There are more than 9000 species of birds in the world. Create a feathery design to show your favourite bird.

Jan 6

Pan American Airlines became the first commercial airline to fly around the world in 1942.
The circumference of the Earth is over 40,000 kilometres or nearly 25,000 miles. That's a long flight! Design an aircraft you could use to make a flight around the world.

Jan 7

The first telephone call from New York City to London was made in 1927
Telephones have changed a lot since this time. Find out what telephones looked like in 1927 and design one of your own.

Jan 8

Bobby Fischer won the US Chess Championship when he was only 14 years old.
Chess is a challenging game with many different pieces. Design your own chess piece. Will you use a traditional design or create something original?

Jan 9

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day
Police officers are important and helpful members of the community. Design something to show one of the ways police officers help people.

Jan 10

The first section of the London Underground Railway opened in 1863
Have you ever travelled on an underground railway? Design a train that could travel on a railway like this.

Jan 11

Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly solo from Hawaii to California in 1935.
Amelia had three attempts before achieving this record breaking flight. She also achieved many other aviation records in her lifetime. Design a medal that represents Amelia's achievements.

Jan 12

The first public museum opened in 1773
Museums collect, preserve, store, interpret and display important objects. The objects might have scientific, cultural, artistic or historic significance. Design something that you think should be displayed in a museum.

Jan 13

The first plastic frisbee was invented in 1957
Playing with frisbees can be a lot of fun. Invent a new toy that can be thrown to your friends.

Jan 14

The Simpsons aired on television for the first time in 1990
The Simpsons is the world's longest running animated comedy show. There have been 684 episodes. Can you design a new character to join the yellow family?

Jan 15

National Hat Day (US)
Hats are important for protecting our heads and bodies from all types of weather. Design a hat suitable for the current season where you live.

Jan 16

Appreciate a Dragon Day
Dragons are included in many myths, legends, stories, and fairytales. Create your own dragon character. Will it be fierce, friendly or magical?

Jan 17

World Snow Day
Does it snow where you live? Have you ever seen snow? Design a frosty snow character.

Jan 18

Author, AA Milne was born in 1882
AA Milne wrote the Winnie the Pooh stories. Who is your favourite character from these stories? Create a design of your favourite character.

Jan 19

National Popcorn Day (US)
Popcorn is a favourite treat around the world, especially when you are at the movies. Can you invent an amazing popcorn machine?

Jan 20

The roller coaster invention is patented in 1885
What's the most exciting roller coaster ride you have ever been on or seen? Your challenge is to design a roller-coaster ride with as many twists, turns and loop-the-loops as you can.

Jan 21

Squirrel Appreciation Day
Species of squirrels can be found all over the world. Most squirrels have bushy tails that keep them warm in winter and shaded in summer. They also use their tails to communicate. Can you invent a new animal with a useful tail?

Jan 22

The Apple MacIntosh was first released in 1984.
The Apple MacIntosh was the first consumer computer that used a mouse. Use your design skills to create a new and original computer mouse or navigation tool.

Jan 23

The world's deadliest ever earthquake occured in China in 1556
Earthquakes can be devastating for communities. Design a house that will be able to withstand an earthquake.

Jan 24

The Californian Gold Rush began in 1848.
Over 244,000 tons of gold has been found all over the world. If you found a big golden nugget what would you make with it? Will you design jewellery, a medal, coins, a gold tooth, or something else?

Jan 25

Opposite Day
This is a fun day to mix things up a bit. Design a character that looks and acts in opposite ways to you.

Jan 26

Australia Day
There are many interesting and unique Australian animals. Create a design of your favourite one.

Jan 27

The world's longest tunnel was completed in Japan in 1983.
The tunnel is over 53 kilometres long and it connects the islands of Honshu and Hokkaido. 23 kilometres of the tunnel are under the sea. Create a design that includes a tunnel.

Jan 28

Lego Day
The tallest Lego structure ever built was 35 metres tall and used 550,000 bricks. Use the Connector Pack in Shaper to create your own awesome brick design.

Jan 29

National Puzzle Day (US)
Puzzles come in all shapes and sizes and can be a lot of fun. Can you make a tricky maze or jigsaw puzzle?

Jan 30

The first lifeboat was tested at sea in 1790
A lifeboat is an important safety feature of larger ships and vessels. Design an unsinkable lifeboat.

Jan 31

International Zebra Day
It's time to earn your stripes! Design a family of zebras.


Feb 1

Humpback Whale Awareness Month
Humpback Whales are a protected species. They are known for their very large fins. Design a humpback whale and be sure to include the large fins on the whale's side.

Feb 2

Groundhog Day
Legend says that spring is on its way when the groundhog emerges from its burrow. Create a design to show how you know when spring is in the air.

Feb 3

Elmo's birthday
Everyone knows that Elmo loves to be tickled. Create a design of your favourite Sesame Street character.

Feb 4

The Barbie Doll was invented today in 1959
Ruth Handler invented the Barbie Doll and named it after her daughter. Design a new doll or action figure for someone you care about.

Feb 5

Give Kids a Smile Day
Lots of kids are in hospital with illnesses and injuries. Design something to help cheer up a sick kid and make them smile.

Feb 6

Play Outside Day
We all know it's important to spend time out outside to get plenty of fresh air and exercise. Design a new piece of playground equipment for fun outside play.

Feb 7

Send a Card to a Friend Day
It's great to let our friends know that we are thinking of them. Design a 3D card for a special friend.

Feb 8

National Kite-Flying Day (US)
Kite flying is a great windy day activity. Design an original kite. Think about shapes that will catch the wind well.

Feb 9

World Pizza Day
The margherita pizza was invented in 1889. Invent a new pizza and create the yummiest design you can imagine.

Feb 10

Umbrella Day
Umbrellas can be useful on rainy days as well as sunny days. Use your imagination and design an umbrella with super powers.

Feb 11

International Inventors Day
Inventors are great at solving problems and creating things to help others. Use your imagination and design the most amazing invention you can think of.

Feb 12

Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year is celebrated around this time every year. Find out which animal represents the new Lunar Year. Design a model showing the animal's characteristics.

Feb 13

Global Movie Day
What is your favourite movie? Create your favourite character from the movie.

Feb 14

St Valentine's Day
The oldest known Valentines card was made in 1415. Create a heart shaped valentine for someone special.

Feb 15

Pancake Day
At this time of year some people traditionally make pancakes to use up ingredients in preparation for Lent. Design a new spatula for flipping pancakes and tossing them up high.

Feb 16

World Whale Day
Whales are the largest animals on Earth and can be found in every ocean. Have a whale of time and design the biggest whale you can.

Feb 17

Random Acts of Kindness Day
Random acts of kindness mean the most when you're not expecting them. Create a special design especially to make someone's day.

Feb 18

The first Academy Awards are announced in 1929
The Oscar statue is made of gold-plated bronze. Design your own statue or trophy to award to a special person in your life.

Feb 19

The invention of the photograph was patented in 1878
The first photo ever taken was of a pewter plate. It took 8 hours to take the photo. Design a cool photo frame to hold your favourite photo.

Feb 20

The Batman and Robin comic is published for the first time in 1944
Who is your favourite superhero? Design a costume to help them with their superpowers.

Feb 21

World Thinking Day
When we use our thinking skills, we can achieve amazing things. Use design thinking to solve a problem in your classroom or family home.

Feb 22

Tennis Day
Tennis is a great sport for keeping fit and active. Design an awesome new tennis racket.

Feb 23

World Understanding and Peace Day
The world will be a better place if we all try to understand each other. Create a design that shows your wish for the world.

Feb 24

Anniversary of the first parade with moving floats in 1868
What's the most amazing pageant float you have ever seen? Design your own super colourful pageant float.

Feb 25

Digital Learning Day
Digital tools help us learn and find information anywhere, anytime. Makers Empire is a great digital tool to help you learn. Challenge yourself to make your best design ever on Makers Empire today.

Feb 26

Polar Bear Day
Polar bears are well adapted to living in the Arctic. Their white fur helps them hide in the snow. Design a new animal that would be well camouflaged in the Arctic.

Feb 27

International Pokemon Day
There are 898 different Pokémon characters so far. Invent a new Pokémon character to join the team. Gotta catch em all!

Feb 28

Tooth Fairy Day
What could the Tooth Fairy possibly do with all those teeth she collects? Create a design to show what she might use them for.

Feb 29

World Compliment Day
This is one of the most positive days of the year! Swap designs with a friend and be sure to give them a compliment about their work.


Mar 1

Dr Seuss Day
Dr Seuss loved to write nonsense stories. Create the most whacky machine or character you can think of.

Mar 2

World Wildlife Day
This is the day to celebrate and raise awareness of the world's flora and fauna. Choose an animal to design, and create the habitat it needs to survive in.

Mar 3

Dolphin Awareness Month
Dolphins can be identified by their unique dorsal fins. Design a dolphin with a different dorsal fin to everyone else's design.

Mar 4

International Festival of Owls
Owls are nocturnal birds of prey. They have sharp talons and binocular vision. Design an owl with super powers.

Mar 5

The Oreo cookie was introduced by Nabisco in 1912
The biggest Oreo cookie ever made weighed 73 kilograms. Invent a new super delicious cookie.

Mar 6

World Mathematics Day
Mathematics can help us solve all sorts of problems. Use your maths skills to design a tricky maze that a 3mm ball bearing can run through.

Mar 7

International Women's Day
This is the day to celebrate inspiring women from all over the world and throughout history. Find out about an amazing woman from your country. Design something to show what she achieved.

Mar 8

Women of Aviation Worldwide Week
Aviator Marie Marvingt designed the first air ambulance in 1911. Have a go at designing an aircraft that can be used as an ambulance.

Mar 9

International Day of Awesomeness
Everything is Awesome! Use Makers Empire to create something that shows how awesome you can be!

Mar 10

Covid-19 was classified as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation in 2020
Covid-19 has affected everyone's lives. Invent a helpful device for preventing the spread of germs.

Mar 11

Plant a Flower Day
Bring out your green thumb today. Design a pot plant with a self-watering system.

Mar 12

Good Samaritan Day
A good Samaritan is a helpful or charitable person. Design something to help a homeless person.

Mar 13

International Ask a Question Day
Go ahead ask a question. And answer this one: What is the coolest thing you can design in Makers Empire?

Mar 14

The invention of the escalator was patented in 1892
An escalator is a moving staircase powered by a motor-driven chain. How many steps will your escalator design have?

Mar 15

National Bubble Week (US)
Have you ever wondered why you can see rainbow colours in bubbles? Do some research to find out and while you're at design an awesome bubble blowing wand.

Mar 16

St Patrick's Day
This is a very special and very green day in Ireland. Find out some interesting facts about Ireland and make a design to show what you learned. Be sure to only use the colour green!

Mar 17

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day
We believe that kids are absolutely incredible at solving problems. Design something to help solve a problem that you really care about.

Mar 18

World Sleep Day
We should all be getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night. Design your dream bed to dream in.

Mar 19

International Day of Happiness
Help others to feel happy today. Create a smiley, goofy, happy character.

Mar 20

International Day of Forests
Forests cover one third of the Earth's land. They are vitally important to our lives, and to the health of our planet. Design an awesome treehouse using sustainable materials.

Mar 21

World Water Day
Water is the Earth's most precious resource. Invent something that helps you save water in your daily life.

Mar 22

World Meteorological Day
Meteorologists predict the weather and study the causes of weather conditions. Design a weather monitoring machine.

Mar 23

International Day of Achievers
What achievements do you feel proud of? Create a model of yourself performing your greatest achievement.

Mar 24

The first passenger railway service began in England in 1807
Have you ever been a passenger on a train? Design something to show what you might see out of the window on your train ride.

Mar 25

Make up Your Own Holiday Day
There seems to be some kind of holiday for every day of the year. What's the funniest, silliest holiday you can think of? Design a mascot to represent your new holiday.

Mar 26

Earth Hour
Towards the end of March each year, Earth Hour asks us to turn off our lights for one hour and think about how we can protect our Earth. Design something to help you find your way around in the dark.

Mar 27

Something on a Stick Day
Many things come on sticks. Think about lollipops, ice-creams, satays. Invent a delicious new food that can be served on a stick.

Mar 28

Make Mine Chocolate Week
This day reminds people to start getting ready for Easter. Design a new machine for making chocolate.

Mar 29

Take a Walk in the Park Day
It's time to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Design a new park and think about all the things it will need to include.

Mar 30

The Eiffel Tower was officially opened in 1889
The Eiffel Tower was the tallest structure in the world until 1930. Check out a photograph of the Eiffel Tower and have a go at recreating it in Makers Empire.

Mar 31

April Fools Day
This is the one day of the year that practical jokes are okay! Invent a tricky gadget to help you have fun on April Fool's Day.


Apr 1

International Children's Book Day
What is your favourite children's book from when you were younger? Recreate a scene from the book.

Apr 2

Find a Rainbow Day
They say that there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! Make a colourful rainbow design and experiment with the colour palette to make some interesting effects.

Apr 3

Around this time of year the Easter Bunny will be bringing eggs. Use your imagination to create the most beautiful Easter Eggs you can imagine.

Apr 4

National Cherry Blossom Festival (Japan)
Have you seen a cherry tree with its beautiful pink blossoms? Design a tree and use the copy tool to cover the branches with as many blossoms as you can.

Apr 5

Jump Over Things Day
This is fun day to get active and get jumping. Design a new and safe piece of gym equipment that challenges you to jump as high as you can.

Apr 6

World Health Day
Covid-19 is a big health problem facing the world at the moment. Vaccines have been developed. Can you design something to stop children being frightened of having injections?

Apr 7

Zoo Lovers Day
Zoos play an important role in helping to protect endangered species. Design a zoo enclosure for your favourite animal that enables it to live in its natural habitat as much a possible.

Apr 8

International Unicorn Day
Unicorns are mythical and magical creatures. Let your imagination run wild and design the most magical unicorn you can.

Apr 9

International Safety Pin Day
The safety pin is a very useful gadget invented in 1849. Design a new fastening tool that's even safer than a safety pin.

Apr 10

Submarine Day
A submarine is a vehicle that can operate on its own underwater. Research the main features of a submarine and create a model.

Apr 11

International Day of Human Space Flight
This day falls on the anniversary of the first human space flight in 1961 by Yuri Gagarin. Design a space capsule to help an astronaut re-enter the Earth's atmosphere.

Apr 12

Gardening Day
Practically every human and animal depends on plant life in one form or other. Plan a vegetable or herb garden, and design some 3D plant markers.

Apr 13

The Titanic sank when it hit an iceberg in 1912
This is the most famous shipwreck of all time. Check out a picture of the Titanic and create a model.

Apr 14

World Art Day
There are lots of different ways you can use 3D Design to create works of art. Design your masterpiece today.

Apr 15

Save the Elephant Day
The two main problems for elephants are being hunted for their ivory tusks and destruction of their habitat. Design an elephant mascot to help raise awareness.

Apr 16

World Circus Day
Circus acrobats are highly skilled athletes who work for years to perfect their craft. Design some daring trapeze equipment. Don't forget to add some safety features.

Apr 17

International Juggler's Day
The most balls ever juggled at one time is 11. How many do you think you could manage to keep in the air? Design a colourful set of juggling balls.

Apr 18

Pet Owner's Day
Being a pet owner is a big responsibility. Design your dream pet and show how you look after it well.

Apr 19

Apollo 16 landed on the moon in 1972
This space mission included a special lunar roving vehicle for storing hand tools. Design a tool that you think would be useful on the moon.

Apr 20

International Creativity and Innovation Day
Creativity and Innovation are important tools for helping the world become a better place. Invent a creative and innovative way for minimising waste that is dumped as landfill.

Apr 21

Earth Day
The theme for Earth Day this year is Restore our Earth. The Great Barrier Reef is one part of the world that needs to be restored. Find out about some of the creatures who call the reef home. Create a model to show why the reef is so important to them.

Apr 22

World Book Day
What's your favourite type of book to read? Design a cover for a book you would like to read.

Apr 23

International Sculpture Day
Sculpture is a really versatile form of art. Have fun creating a 3D sculpture using Makers Empire.

Apr 24

World Penguin Day
Penguins are flightless birds that are well adapted to their environment. Find out the key features of a penguin and create a model that includes these features.

Apr 25

Alien Day
What do you imagine an alien would look like? Design an alien life form with features that would help it survive on another planet.

Apr 26

World Design Day
The perfect day for fans of Makers Empire. Look through the gallery for inspiration for your next design. Don't forget to leave a positive comment for the designer who inspired you.

Apr 27

International Superhero Day
What superpower would you like to have? Design a gadget to help you. Remember that weapons are not allowed.

Apr 28

International Dance Day
Dance can be a fun way to express yourself to music and get some exercise. Create a character doing some cool dance moves.

Apr 29

Arbor Day
Arbor day is a traditional time to plant trees. Design as many different types of trees as you can.

Apr 30

The first adhesive postage stamp was issued in 1840
This stamp was issued in the United Kingdom and was called the Penny Black. Can you design a new way of delivering letters around the world?


May 1

International Harry Potter Day
Who is your favourite Harry Potter character? Design something to help them with their magic. Will it be a wand, a broomstick, or something new?

May 2

Melanoma Day
Melanoma is a serious form of skin cancer. Design something to protect your skin from the sun.

May 3

Star Wars Day
May the force be with you. Now create a new robot for the next Star Wars movie.

May 4

International Respect for Chickens Month
Chickens give a lot to humans. Eggs, drumsticks and KFC. They deserve respect. Design a free range home for a chicken to live in peace.

May 5

No Homework Day
What would you do with your spare time if you didn't have any homework to do? Design something to show how you would use this bonus time.

May 6

International Space Day
Imagine you are an astronaut on the International Space Station. Create a space suit and gadgets to help you live and work on the station.

May 7

International Migratory Bird Day
Arctic Terns hold the record as migratory birds. They can fly up to 40,000 kilometres or 24,000 miles every year. Design something to help make their journey a little easier.

May 8

Mother's Day
Mothers are special and important people in our lives. Design somethings to show how much you appreciate your Mum.

May 9

Clean your Room Day
Cleaning your room is a chore we all have to do. Design a model of your dream bedroom- and make sure it's tidy!

May 10

Eat What You Want Day
We know we need to eat a healthy balanced diet. Just this once you have permission to eat whatever you like. What will you choose? Make it in 3D.

May 11

International Nurses Day
Nurses are frontline workers who provide vital care to people who are sick or injured. Invent a new gadget or tool to help a nurse do their work.

May 12

Frog Jumping Day
A frog called Rosie the Ribeter holds the frog jumping record. She jumped a whopping 7 feet or over 2 metres in one jump. Design a frog with powerful jumping legs.

May 13

Fintastic Friday
Fintastic Friday is a day to give sharks and rays a voice and raise awareness. Some shark species are endangered because they are killed for their fins. Design an awesome shark mascot.

May 14

International Day of Families
Every family is different. Every family is special. Create a design to show what is special about your family.

May 15

World Baking Day
Every baker needs good tools. Can you design a fancy new oven for cooking up a storm?

May 16

World Telecommunications Day
The first mobile phone was released for sale in 1973. Use your imagination and design a phone of the future.

May 17

No Dirty Dishes Day
The first dishwasher was invented in 1850. It was a wooden box with a handle to turn. Design a super new machine for washing dishes without using a lot of water.

May 18

World Plant a Vegetable Garden Day
Vegetables that you grow yourself are extra delicious. Design a plan for your vegetable garden and show all the different vegetables you will grow in it.

May 19

World Bee Day
Bees play an important role in every aspect of the Earth's ecosystem. Design a bee hotel to give bees a place to rest in your garden.

May 20

World Day for Cultural Diversity
Our world is made up of many wonderful cultures. Design something special to represent your own culture.

May 21

National Musical Instrument Day
It's time to crank out a tune. Can you invent a brand new type of musical instrument?

May 22

World Turtle Day
Did you know that the inner layer of a turtle's shell is made up of 60 bones? Design an awesome new shell for a turtle.

May 23

Safe Swimming Week
More than 1 million people drown in the world every year. Create a device to help people stay safe in the water.

May 24

Backyard Games Week
Backyards are great places to play games with your family. Or perhaps you play at a nearby park. Invent a new game to play outside with your family.

May 25

World Otter Day
There are 13 species of otter and they are all threatened. One of the big problems for otters is pollution in their environment. Design a healthy habitat for an otter.

May 26

Eat More Fruit and Vegetables Day
Fruit and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet. Create some fun characters based on your favourite fruit and vegetables.

May 27

International Hamburger Day
The hamburger originated in the United States even though it sounds like it comes from Hamburg in Germany. Design the most delicious burger you can imagine.

May 28

Learn About Composting Day
Composting is a great way to use food scraps and help your garden grow. Do some research about composting and design a prototype for a compost bin.

May 29

International Hug Your Cat Day
If you don't have a cat perhaps you could borrow one! Design the cutest cuddliest cat ever.

May 30

World Parrot Day
There are around 350 different species of parrots in the world. Create a really colourful parrot design.

May 31

Global Day of Parents
Let's stop and think about the things parents do to love and support us. Design a special gift for your parents or caregivers.


Jun 1

Global Running Day
Running is a great activity to help you get fit and stay active. Design a map of your dream running track.

Jun 2

World Bicycle Day
The first bicycle was invented in 1817. It was the Penny Farthing. Design a new type of bicycle for the future.

Jun 3

World Environment Day
This is a great day to think about biodiversity. Create a rainforest scene showing the diverse plants and animals that coexist in this type of habitat.

Jun 4

The safety cap for medicine bottles was invented by Ronald Kay in 1984
There are lots of great inventions to keep children safe. Invent something that will keep a young child safe at home or in the community.

Jun 5

Coca Cola's Trademark was registered in 1887
Coca Cola is the world's best selling soft drink. Invent a new soft drink flavour and design an environmentally friendly container for it to be sold in.

Jun 6

International Clothesline Week
The rotary clothesline was invented in Australia in 1945. Can you design a new clothes drying device that does not need pegs?

Jun 7

World Oceans Day
Pollution of the world's oceans is a big problem. Design something that will help keep rubbish and waste out of the ocean.

Jun 8

Donald Duck's Birthday
Donald Duck was created by Walt Disney in 1934. Who is your favourite cartoon character? Create some clothes and accessories for your favourite character.

Jun 9

Superman Week
Superman can leap tall buildings with a single bound. Design a machine that could help you leap to the top of a tall building.

Jun 10

Jacques Cousteau was born in 1910
One of Jacques Cousteau's many achievements was the invention of the diving suit. Design a diving suit or piece of equipment that would enable you to breathe underwater.

Jun 11

World Day Against Child Labour
Unfortunately, there are still places in the world where young children are forced to work. Design something to show your wishes for a world where children are free to grow and learn in safety.

Jun 12

Sewing Machine Day
The first sewing machine was invented in France in 1790. Use your imagination and show us what you would like to create with a sewing machine and some cool fabric.

Jun 13

International Bath Day
We all know that staying clean is am important part of personal hygiene. Design your dream bathtub. What special features or gadgets will it have?

Jun 14

Worldwide Day of Giving
It feels good to give somebody something that makes them smile. Handmade gifts are the best! Design a special gift for someone you care about.

Jun 15

The Ford Motor Company began in 1903
Check out a picture of a T Model Ford. How does it compare to a modern car? Create a T Model Ford design based on your observations.

Jun 16

World Crocodile Day
Crocodiles are the biggest reptiles on Earth but their prehistoric ancestors were much bigger. Design the biggest crocodile you can.

Jun 17

International Picnic Day
Where's your favourite place to go for a picnic? Design a picnic basket full of your favourite treats and picnic food.

Jun 18

Garfield the Cat Day
We all know that Garfield loves lasagne and hates Mondays. Can you design a new tool to help Garfield eat his lasagne? Remember he is very lazy and doesn't like to work hard even when he is eating.

Jun 19

International Surfing Day
People have been riding the waves of oceans around the world since the 12th Century. Design an awesome surfboard to catch some big waves.

Jun 20

World Giraffe Day
There are only 111,000 giraffes left in the wild. Create a tall giraffe. Remember its interesting patterns and long neck.

Jun 21

The Donut was invented in 1847
What's your favourite type of donut? Invent a delicious new donut.

Jun 22

The Hula Hoop invention was patented in 1964.
Hula hoops are a fun way to be active. Can you design a new toy that's fun to play with and helps you keep active?

Jun 23

International Fairy Day
Fairies are mythical creatures that often have magical powers. Create a fairy character with magical powers.

Jun 24

The basketball invention was patented in 1929
It's time to shoot some hoops! Design a new type of basketball hoop. What special features or challenges will you include?

Jun 25

Henry Lear who invented the jet was born in 1902
A Lear jet can travel up to 400 miles or 711 kilometres per hour. Design your own powerful jet.

Jun 26

Helen Keller Day
Helen Keller lost her sight and hearing when she was a very young child. She spent her life advocating for, and helping people with disabilities. Design something that could help someone with a disability.

Jun 27

International Lightning Safety Day
It's a myth that lightning can't strike the same place twice. Design a safe place to shelter in a thunderstorm.

Jun 28

Camera Day
Devices for capturing images have existed since the year 1021! Find out how a camera works and design a model.

Jun 29

International Asteroid Day
Asteroids are rocky objects that orbit the sun. Create a model of the solar system including some asteroids in orbit.

Jun 30

International Joke Day
Everyone enjoys a good laugh. Create the funniest design ever.


Jul 1

World UFO Day
The term UFO has been used since the 1950s to describe any object or phenomena in the sky that can't be explained. Design your own UFO.

Jul 2

International Plastic Bag Free Day
Plastic bags often end up polluting our oceans and endangering wildlife. Design a reusable way to carry shopping.

Jul 3

Build A Scarecrow Day
Scarecrows are human shaped figures that scare birds away from crops and gardens. Design an awesome looking Scarecrow.

Jul 4

Work Without Your Hands Day
This silly day was actually invented by SpongeBob SquarePants. Invent something that you could use to do a chore without using your hands.

Jul 5

World Zoonoses Day
Zoonoses are diseases that animals can pass onto humans. Design something that helps you pat an animal without your skin coming into contact with it.

Jul 6

Sliced Bread was sold for the first time in 1928
This was the best thing since sliced bread! Design a machine for cutting bread into interesting shapes.

Jul 7

National Ice Cream Sundae Day (US)
The ice cream sundae was invented in 1893. Design the yummiest sundae ever.

Jul 8

World Fashion Day
It's time for you to strut your stuff on the catwalk. Design a super fashionable outfit and accessories.

Jul 9

Teddy Bear's Picnic Day
If you go down to the woods today, you're in for a big surprise. Create a cute Teddy Bear's Picnic scene.

Jul 10

World Population Day
There are more than 7.6 billion people in the world. Design something that shows your biggest wish for the people of the world.

Jul 11

Plastic Free July
8 million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year. Invent a plastic free alternative for an everyday object.

Jul 12

International Rock Day
Rocks were used to make tools in the Stone Age. Design a useful stone tool.

Jul 13

Shark Awareness Day
Humans like to share the shark's natural habitat in the ocean. This can be dangerous. Design a shark proof swimming device.

Jul 14

I Love Horses Day
Did you know that horses sleep for only 3 hours each day? They can sleep standing up or lying down. Design a comfortable place for a horse to sleep.

Jul 15

World Snake Day
There are more than 3400 species of snakes in the world. Invent a new species of snake and show its natural habitat.

Jul 16

World Emoji Day
Emojis have been used since the 1990s. The first emoji was the smiley face. Create some awesome new emojis.

Jul 17

Nelson Mandela International Day
Nelson Mandela worked hard to give people freedom. Design something that shows how you would like to change the world.

Jul 18

New Friends Day
We all enjoy spending time with friends. Invent a new game or sport to play with new and old friends.


Jul 19

International Cake Day
Cakes are special treats found in nearly every culture. Design an amazing cake for a special occasion.

Jul 20

Junk Food Day
We know we shouldn't eat too much junk food but sometimes it's nice to treat ourselves. Design a mascot for eating junk food in moderation.

Jul 21

The world's first competitive car race was held in 1894
The cars travelled an average of 12 miles or 19 kilometres per hour in this race. Design a new racing car that can go really fast.

Jul 22

World Mosquito Day
Mosquitoes can carry many diseases. It's important to protect yourself from mosquito bites. Design some mosquito proof gear to wear.

Jul 23

Amelia Earhart Day
Amelia was the first female aviator to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Find a picture of one of her aeroplanes and recreate a model of it.

Jul 24

The first photo of Mars was taken in 1976
Mars Rovers are used to explore and take photographs of the planet. Design a Mars Rover.

Jul 25

Uncle and Aunt Day
Do you have Aunts and Uncles? Create a design that shows the things you like to do with your family members.

Jul 26

Walk on Stilts Day
You need good balance to walk on stilts. Design some tall and tricky stilts.

Jul 27

Waterpark Day
A waterpark can be a great way to cool off and have fun on a hot day. Design a waterpark and be sure to include a twisty turny waterslide.

Jul 28

International Tiger Day
Tigers are a critically endangered species. Find some pictures of tigers and create a design based on your observations.

Jul 29

International Friendship Day
Do you have friends who live a long way away from you? Design something special to let your friends know that you are thinking about them.

Jul 30

Uncommon Musical Instrument Day
Did you know that people even make musical instruments from vegetables? Design your own unusual, whacky musical instrument.

Jul 31

Sandcastle Day
The world's tallest sand sculpture was over 17 metres or 57 feet high. Create a unique design for a sand sculpture.


Aug 1

Dinosaurs Day
Dinosaurs lived on Earth between 245 and 66 million years ago. Create a model of your favourite dinosaur.

Aug 2

Watermelon Day
Watermelon is a sweet healthy treat, especially on hot summer days. Research some amazing sculptures artists have made from a watermelon and create your own design.

Aug 3

Hooray for Kids Day
At Makers Empire we think kids are amazing! Create a design to show how awesome you are.

Aug 4

Astronaut Neil Armstrong's birthday
Neil Armstrong was the first astronaut to walk on the moon. Design your own spacesuit for exploring a low gravity environment.

Aug 5

International Clown Week
Clowns can be very funny but some people are also frightened of them. Create a funny or scary clown character.

Aug 6

National Lighthouse Day
A lighthouse is a tower or building with a system of lamps to help navigate boats and ships at sea. Do some research about the features of a lighthouse and create a model.

Aug 7

International Cat Day
Cats make great pets but they can also harm birds and small animals if they are allowed to roam alone at night. Design an awesome run for a cat to have a great time without putting other animals in danger.

Aug 8

International Day of the World's Indigenous People
Indigenous people are the traditional owners or first inhabitants of a particular country or region. Find out something important about the indigenous people where you live and create a model to show what you have learned.

Aug 9

World Lion Day
Lions are the second largest big cat in the world. They are endangered because of habitat loss. Design a lion in the habitat it needs to survive.

Aug 10

Play in the Sand Day
Sand play is fun whether you are at the beach or playing in a sand pit. Design a new tool for sand play.

Aug 11

International Youth Day
The United Nations holds this day to celebrate young people's voices, actions and initiatives. Design something that you think would make the world a better place.

Aug 12

Left Handers Day
Ten percent of the world's population are left handed. Most tools, utensils, and equipment are designed for right handers. Items like scissors and guitars are challenging for left handed people to use. Adapt an everyday object so that it is suitable for a left hander.

Aug 13

World Lizard Day
There are over 6,000 species of lizards. Choose one type of lizard and create a model including its main features.

Aug 14

International Homeless Animals Day
Unfortunately animals are abandoned or sent to shelters every day. Design a caring new home for an abandoned animal.

Aug 15

The patent for the loop the loop roller coaster was issued in 1898
Only four people at a time could ride the first roller coaster. Design an exciting new fairground ride.

Aug 16

Cupcake Day
Cupcakes are bite sized treats that can be decorated in all sorts of ways. Design a cupcake with your favourite decorations.

Aug 17

Helium Discovery Day
Helium is a great gas for filling balloons that keep flying high. Helium is non-toxic and won't catch on fire. Design a new type of balloon animal.

Aug 18

World Orangutan Day
Orangutans can only be found in Borneo and Sumatra. Their natural habitat is being destroyed by the palm oil industry. Design an orangutan in its healthy habitat.

Aug 19

International Day of Medical Transporters
One job that a medical transporter does is to move patients from one part of a hospital to another. Design a bed on wheels that includes some useful gadgets.

Aug 20

Senior Citizens Day
This is a day to celebrate and appreciate the achievements, dedication and services senior citizens have given throughout their lives. Design something to help a senior citizen that you know and care about.

Aug 21

Be an Angel Day
This is a day that encourages us to be kind and do good deeds for others. Create a design that shows how you have helped someone or been kind today.

Aug 22

International Heroes Day
A hero is a person who has shown great courage, strength or selflessness especially to help others. Who is your hero. Design a medal or special award to recognise why this person is a hero.

Aug 23

Safety at Home week
Most childhood injuries occur at home. Redesign a piece of furniture or household item to make it safer for a young child.

Aug 24

Be Kind to Humankind Week
If you can choose to be anything, choose to be kind. Create a design just to make someone else smile.

Aug 25

National Dog Day (US)
There are 360 officially recognised dog breeds. Look at some pictures of your favourite breed of dog. Design a model of the dog including all of its special features.

Aug 26

Banana Lover's Day
Why did the banana go to the doctor? It wasn't peeling well! Create a funny banana character.

Aug 27

Dream Day
Most people dream for about 2 hours each night. What is your favourite dream? Create a scene from it.

Aug 28

The first copper coins were made in Japan in 708
Every country has its own coins as part of its currency. Design your very own coins.

Aug 29

International Whale Shark Day
The whale shark is the biggest shark in the world. Find some pictures of whale sharks and create a model of one.

Aug 30

World Distance Learning Day
Distance learning is something most children have had to do during the Covid-19 pandemic. Design your dream space for learning at home.

Aug 31

Nutrition Month
It is important for our health to eat a balanced diet and get plenty of nutrients. Design your favourite balanced healthy meal on a plate.


Sep 1

World Coconut Day
The coconut and coconut palm are incredibly useful and versatile. Do some research about some different ways coconuts are used. Design a tool or gadget made from a coconut.

Sep 2

International Enthusiasm Week
Enthusiasm is an important quality that helps you stay motivated and positive. Design something to show what you feel enthusiastic about.

Sep 3

The light bulb invention was switched on in 1882
Before electricity people used fire, candles, kerosene and gas to provide light. Design an old style lantern or lamp that works without electricity.

Sep 4

International Day of Charity
This is a United Nations day to recognise the work of charities around the world who help people and raise money for research, awareness and helpful action. Design something that could be sold to raise money for your favourite charity.

Sep 5

Pet Rock Day
Pet rocks were popular in the 1960s. Design your own faithful rock pet companion.

Sep 6

International Air Ambulance Week
An air ambulance is a specially fitted helicopter or plane that can transport people to hospital in emergencies or remote locations where ground ambulances can't easily access. Design a new air ambulance to help people in need.

Sep 7

International Literacy Day
This is a UNESCO day to remind us of the importance of literacy as a basic human right. Design a mascot for International Literacy Day.

Sep 8

International Teddy Bear Day
The teddy bear was invented in 1902. Design a cuddly companion for a baby or small child.

Sep 9

Swap Ideas day
The best ideas happen when we put our heads together. Swap a design idea with a friend and see what you both come up with.

Sep 10

9/11 Remembrance Day
The Koenig Sphere sculpture is a symbol of hope and resilience after the terrible 9/11 attacks. Start with a sphere and design your own special sculpture.

Sep 11

World First Aid Day
It is important for us all to know some basic first aid to help out when someone is injured or unwell. Design a well equipped first aid kit.

Sep 12

International Chocolate Day
This must be one of the yummiest days of the year. Design some moulds for making awesome original chocolate shapes.

Sep 13

The first manmade object, the Luna 2 space probe, landed on the moon in 1959
NASA are planning to set up a permanent base on the moon by as early as 2024. Create a design to show what the lunar base might look like.

Sep 14

International Dot Day
This day comes from Peter H. Reynolds book The Dot. Start your design with a dot and see where your imagination takes you.

Sep 15

Play-Doh Day
Play Doh used to be a product for cleaning soot from wallpaper before it became a childhood favourite. Design a play-doh cutter or tool for a younger children to play with.

Sep 16

Citizenship Day
What does it mean to be a good citizen? Create a model of yourself doing something as a good citizen.

Sep 17

World Water Monitoring Day
Water monitoring helps us keep a check on pollution and make sure our water supply is healthy. Design a tool for collecting samples of water for testing.

Sep 18

Talk Like a Pirate Day
Pirates are actually criminals of the sea but fictional pirates can also be a lot of fun. Design an awesome pirate ship.

Sep 19

Clean Up The World Weekend
Every small action makes a world of difference. Design a tool to help clean up litter in your local area.

Sep 20

World Gratitude Day
What makes you feel grateful? Which people are you grateful to have in your life? Design something to show how much you appreciate someone special.

Sep 21

World Car-Free Day
This day challenges us to leave our cars at home and give the environment a rest. Design a new form of transport for your whole family that uses body power only.

Sep 22

International Day of Sign Languages
People who are deaf, hearing impaired on non-verbal can communicate effectively using sign language. Learn some sign language and create a design that shows one of the signs you have learned.

Sep 23

Save the Koala Day
Koalas live in eucalyptus trees and their habitat is being cleared. Design a happy koala living in a eucalyptus tree.

Sep 24

International Rabbit Day
Rabbits are popular pets in many parts of the world. Create a fun, healthy place for a pet rabbit to live.

Sep 25

European Day of Languages
More than 200 different languages are spoken in Europe. Find out how to say hello in a European language. Now design a famous landmark from the European country where that language is spoken.

Sep 26

World Tourism Day
Tourism is one of the world's biggest industries. Where would you like to travel on your next holiday? Design your suitcase packed ready to go.

Sep 27

Good Neighbour Day
How well do you know your neighbours? Design a model of a house in your neighbourhood.

Sep 28

World Heart Day
Healthy eating and exercise can help keep your heart healthy. Create a design showing your favourite form of exercise.

Sep 29

World Rivers Day
Rivers carry water and nutrients to areas all over the world. Find out about some animals that live in or near rivers. Create a river design with plants and wildlife.

Sep 30

World Smile Day
It feels good to smile. It also feels good to make someone else smile. Design something that makes your friends smile.


Oct 1

World Farm Animals Day
Farm animals play an important role in the lives of humans around the world. Choose your favourite farm animal and create a model to show it being well cared for on a farm.

Oct 2

Butterfly Day
Butterflies are important to the environment as they help pollinate plants. Design a beautiful butterfly with symmetrical patterns.

Oct 3

World Animal Day
The world is full of amazing animals who are well adapted to live in their environments. Choose an animal and make some adaptations so that it can survive in a different type of environment.

Oct 4

World Teacher Day
Teachers help us to learn and make our lives better everyday. Design something to show your teacher how much you appreciate them.

Oct 5

World Cerebral Palsy Day
Cerebral Palsy affects a person's ability to move and maintain their balance. Design something to help a person with Cerebral Palsy.

Oct 6

International Walk to School Day
Walking to school is great way to stay active. It's also important that you stay safe and look out for traffic. Design a new type of pedestrian crossing.

Oct 7

World Egg Day
Eggs are a nutritious food and a good source of protein. Invent a gadget that will prevent an egg from breaking when it rolls off a table or kitchen bench.

Oct 8

Fire Prevention Day
Fire was one of the world's most important inventions but it can easily get out of control and be very dangerous. Design some fire fighting or safety equipment.

Oct 9

World Mental Health Day
Our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Design something to cheer someone up and make their day a bit brighter.

Oct 10

The invention of the toothpaste tube was patented in 1841
Brushing our teeth twice a day is an important part of personal hygiene. Invent a cool new way to brush your teeth.

Oct 11

Farmer's Day
Farmers work hard to provide food and produce to the world. If you were a farmer what would you grow? Design a plan of your farm.

Oct 12

The Happy Birthday song was registered in 1893
It is now the most universally recognised song in the world. Design an amazing birthday cake for a friend.

Oct 13

International Spinning Top Day
Spinning tops are one of the oldest know childhood toys. Design a super fast well balanced spinning top.

Oct 14

Global Handwashing Day
Handwashing is an important part of personal hygiene. Covid-19 has shown us this more than ever. Design a hand washing machine that you can take with you wherever you go.

Oct 15

World Food Day
This day promotes awareness and action for people who live in hunger. Design a logo for World Food Day

Oct 16

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
Unfortunately many children around the world are living in poverty. Design a meal that you wish you could give to one of these children.

Oct 17

Famous inventor Thomas Edison died in 1931
Thomas Edison had 1093 of his inventions patented. This is still a world record today. Follow in Edison's footsteps and channel your inner inventor. Where will your imagination take you?

Oct 18

Auguste Lumiere who invented the motion picture camera was born in 1862.
Auguste invented this camera with his brother. It was the beginning of movies. Design some scenes from your favourite movie.

Oct 19

International Sloth Day
Sloths have a reputation for being sleepy, smiley, and cool as cucumbers. Design a super cute sloth character.

Oct 20

International Back to the Future Day
The Back to the Future movies are all about time travel. If you could travel to another time when would it be? Design something you might see in the past or future.

Oct 21

National Color Day (US)
With a whole rainbow to choose from, colour plays an important role in our lives. Create an awesome design using only your favourite colours.

Oct 22

Make a Difference Day
Small actions can make a big difference to the lives of others. Do a kind deed for someone else and create a design to show what you did.

Oct 23

United Nations Day
The United Nations have been working for world peace since 1984. Design a symbol for world peace.

Oct 24

World Pasta Day
Pasta comes in all shapes and sizes and makes for a delicious dinner. Invent your own unusually shaped pasta and give it a new name.

Oct 25

Pumpkin Day
This is the day that people traditionally carve their pumpkins ready for Halloween. Use Makers Empire to make a scary or funny pumpkin jack-o-lantern.

Oct 26

International Black Cat Day
Black cats have a reputation for being unlucky. This seems a little unfair! Design a black cat doing something positive to help change its reputation.

Oct 27

International Animation Day
The first animated film was made in 1917. What is your favourite animated film. Design some of the characters from the film.

Oct 28

International Internet Day
This day reminds us to keep safe when we are using the internet. Design a cyber safety message or mascot.

Oct 29

The invention of the ballpoint pen was patented in 1888
Ballpoint pens made it easier to write without making a big mess with ink. Invent a new writing instrument with super powers.

Oct 30

This day is all about spooky, kooky costumes and trick or treating. Design a costume you would like to wear for Halloween.

Oct 31

Author's Day
Who is your favourite author? Design a character from one of their books.


Nov 1

Kermit the Frog was copyright registered in 1955
It's not easy being green! Who is your favourite Muppet? Design a new Muppet or puppet character.

Nov 2

World Jellyfish Day
Jellyfish have lived on Earth for millions of years longer than humans. Create some jellyfish characters with super long tentacles.

Nov 3

Use Your Common Sense Day
Unfortunately common sense isn't always that common. Design something to remind people to use their common sense.

Nov 4

International Drum Month
The first ever drums were made from alligator skins in China over 7000 years ago. Design a set of drums to bash out a beat.

Nov 5

World Vegan Month
A vegan diet has no products derived from animals. Plan a delicious vegan meal and present it on a platter.

Nov 6

World Numbat Day
Numbats are a cute native Australian marsupial. They are also endangered. Look up a picture of a numbat and create a model of one.

Nov 7

Halley's Comet is discovered in 1682.
Halley's Comet is visible from earth about every 75 years. Design an out of this world telescope to help you spot comets and other celestial objects.

Nov 8

World Freedom Day
This day commemorates the day that the Berlin Wall fell and Germany became one country again. Design a symbol for World Freedom.

Nov 9

The board game Trivial Pursuit was registered in 1981
What's your favourite board game? Design some game pieces for your favourite game.

Nov 10

World Origami Day
The Japanese art of folded paper can be very complex and create interesting shapes. Create a 3D design that looks like it's made from folded paper.

Nov 11

International Guinness World Records Day
There are world records for nearly everything. Look up a world record that amazes you and create a design about it.

Nov 12

World Kindness Day
On this day we are encourage to donate things we don't need to help people in need. Create a collection of things that you could donate to others.

Nov 13

World Diabetes Day
About 422 million people around the world have diabetes. A healthy diet and exercise can help prevent some types of diabetes. Design a logo for World Diabetes Day.

Nov 14

World Recycling Day
Every year billions of tons of natural resources are taken from the Earth. Design something that reuses or recycles something else.

Nov 15

International Day for Tolerance
This is a UNESCO day that reminds us to accept and value each other. Create a design that shows how you value diversity in the world.

Nov 16

International Students Day
You can be a student your whole life and never stop learning. Design something to show a new skill you would like to learn.

Nov 17

Mickey Mouse's Birthday
Mickey Mouse first appeared in 1928 and is now the mascot of Walt Disney. Create a model of your favourite Disney character.

Nov 18

International Men's Day
Do you have some special men in your life? Design something to show that you appreciate the things they do for you.

Nov 19

World Children's Day
The United Nations has identified 42 rights of every child in the world. Look them up and design something that shows a child enjoying one of these rights.

Nov 20

World Hello Day
Let's make the world a friendlier place. Create a hand signal to say hello to the world.

Nov 21

Go for a Ride Day
People ride bicycles, tricycles, unicycles, scooters, horses and elephants! How will you take a ride today? Invent a new form of rideable transport.

Nov 22

Doctor Who debuted on television in 1963
Doctor Who is a time travelling fictional character. His TARDIS is a pretty cool time traveling machine. Invent your own.

Nov 23

International Unique Talent Day
Everyone has a special talent or skill that makes them unique. Design something to show what your special talent is, or what you wish it could be.

Nov 24

International Hat Day
Hats can protect our heads from sun and rain and also make us look pretty awesome. Design a hat that you would like to wear.

Nov 25

The Curiosity Rover was launched in 2011 on its way to Mars
It takes about 7 months to travel to Mars. Design something to take with you if you were traveling to Mars.

Nov 26

The largest Zombie Walk ever is held in Mexico in 2011
Zombies are mythical and said to be afraid of fire. Can you design a creepy zombie character?

Nov 27

Advent Sunday
This is the day that many people start counting down to Christmas. Design an advent calendar with hidden treats or surprises.

Nov 28

Hanukkah is a Jewish festival. People who celebrate this festival light candles on a Menorah. Look at some pictures of Menorahs and have a go at designing one.

Nov 29

World Day of Giving
This is a day that encourages us to be generous towards others. Design a gift to give someone as a surprise.

Nov 30

Christmas Decoration Day
Many people put their Christmas trees up today. Design some cool Christmas decorations for your tree.


Dec 1

Write to a Friend Day
Writing letters, cards or emails is a good way to keep in touch with friends who live away from you. Design a new type of envelope for sending letters.

Dec 2

International Day of Persons with Disabilities
Many people live with disabilities. Design something to help make daily life easier for a person who uses a wheelchair.

Dec 3

International Cheetah Day
The cheetah is the world's fastest land mammal. Design a new animal that could run super fast on land.

Dec 4

International Volunteer Day
Millions of volunteers help others around the world everyday. Create a design that shows something you can do to help others.

Dec 5

The Volkswagen car was trademark registered in 1955
The Beetle is an iconic Volkswagen car. Design a car that resembles another type of animal.

Dec 6

International Civil Aviation Day
Civil aviation means aircraft that is used for non-military purposes such as carrying passengers or freight. Design a machine for loading luggage onto a plane.

Dec 7

Safe Toys and Gift Month
Lots of people are buying Christmas presents at this time of year. It is important that toys for children and babies are safe. Design a safe and fun toy for a younger person.

Dec 8

Christmas Card Day
Christmas is a time when people send cards to keep in touch with friends and family. Design a stamp that could be used to create a Christmas card.

Dec 9

Human Rights Day
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights steps out 30 rights that all humans should have. Look these rights up and choose one to make a model about.

Dec 10

International Mountain Day
There are 109 mountains in the world that are higher than 7000 metres or 23,000 feet. Design some equipment to help you make the trek up a tall mountain.

Dec 11

Gingerbread House Day
Many people build detailed houses made of gingerbread ready for Christmas. Design your own in 3D.

Dec 12

Ice cream Day
The first ice cream cone was produced in 1894 in Italy. Design the most delicious ice cream cone ever.

Dec 13

International Monkey Day
The world's smallest monkey is the pygmy marmoset. Design cute monkey friend.

Dec 14

Tropical Fruits Month
From pineapples to pawpaw, tropical fruits are sweet, healthy and delicious. Make a fruit salad with your favourite tropical fruits.

Dec 15

Colonel Sanders who invented KFC was born in 1890
Colonel Sanders had 11 secret herbs and spices in his chicken recipe. Invent your own secret recipe and design some cool packaging for your new product.

Dec 16

Wright Brothers Day
The Wright Brothers invented the first aeroplane. Find some pictures of early planes and create a model.

Dec 17

International Migrants Day
This day raises awareness for the challenges faced by migrants around the world. Design something to welcome a migrant family to your country.

Dec 18

Candy Day
The candy cane was invented in 1844. Invent your own sweet candy treats to share with your friends.

Dec 19

Christmas Carol Day
It seems like a good day to bring out the Christmas songs. Design a scene from your favourite Christmas song.

Dec 20

Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs was copyright registered in 1937
This was the first ever Disney full length animated feature film. Design your own set of dwarf characters with different personalities.

Dec 21

Thomas Edison created the first string of Christmas Tree lights in 1882
Christmas lights are beautiful decorations especially on Christmas Trees. Design your own beautiful string of Christmas lights.

Dec 22

Christmas Movie Day
Do you have a favourite Christmas movie? Design a scene from it.

Dec 23

Christmas Eve
This is the night that Santa Claus delivers presents all over the world. Design a new sleigh for him.

Dec 24

Christmas Day
Christmas is usually a time when families get together to celebrate and spend time together. Create a design that shows how your family celebrates Christmas or another special day.

Dec 25

Kwanzaa is an African-American celebration of life. One of the symbols of Kwanzaa is the Kinara, a holder for seven candles. Look at some pictures and design your own.

Dec 26

Free Balloon Day
SpongeBob SquarePants says that everyone should be given free balloon today! Design a balloon in the shape of your favourite cartoon character.

Dec 27

Call a friend day
Telephones and Facetime are good ways to keep in touch with friends. Nothing is as good as being together though. Invent an instant travel machine so you can visit your friends whenever you want to.

Dec 28

Charles McIntosh was born in 1776. He invented waterproof fabric.
Raincoats are often called Mackintoshes. Design some equipment to keep yourself dry on rainy days.

Dec 29

Plan your New Year's resolution day
Resolutions can be a way to set goals for the new year. Make a design that shows something you would like to learn, achieve, or get better at next year.

Dec 30

New Year's Eve
This is the day to say goodbye to the year and welcome in the new year. Design a spectacular fireworks display.