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"Yukiko" (For Sale)

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"Yukiko" (For Sale)

16 days ago
ALSO TYSM FOR 1K LIKES!!! (and 50 followers) srsly thanks i havent posted that much and i still got it so it means a lot to me :) EDIT: 100 people bought this overnight- thats crazy- 6th on hotpage? tysm! (first time being on top 6 ^o^)

food boy : Yes
food boy : I follow you
food boy : Me toooooooooo
.Mio. : Okay :)
PhoebeThunderm : Girl slay $$!
Rose12300 : Hi
Takikawake2 : WE can like do a Collab?
blackpinkGreat4 : woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
Takikawake2 : Hey mio can we do a Collab I will draw you and you draw me what do you think?
Takikawake2 : Please reply, because you are you’re good and drawing characters (and by the way, we’re gonna draw each other with our characters favourite characters)
Bunny77 : Tysm!!! I love this!
.Mio. : @Bunny77[-]
Bluberri. : Cutee :D gimme gimme (although ill probably never use it :p)
anna9 : Tysm i love this
mahradbest : amazing
Thai15 : :D
mahradbest : cute
LilyClover : Omg yay!!!
.Mio. : @anna9[-]
Hfhfg : 89
ColdTea : Can. You. Be. My. Frend
XxfluffybunnyxX : So cute!
SMARTY1 : me too pls pls pls i will follow u
mikuHappy : ITS ALL MINE👨‍❤️‍👨
Snoweh-Chan : amazingg
QueenRed23 : Hey
NayNay1 : Thx
AphmauCup5 : Lol ur funny
.Mio. : Sure!