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13 days ago
I kinda gave up at the end so she looks a bit wonky. This took me a long time so I hope you like it! This is also my 100th design! Thank you all so much for all the likes!

AmaniAndAyana : Cute
CrownnedYT : Ok
•kiity• : Its so cute!! :3
ALIBEAR1717 : Everyone Welcome @Sam_Kerr20[-] apparently she joined 24 minutes ago I am following her And congrats on 100th design
VitalyboatFast : hello
Rosey10000 : It pefect do not give up strong girl
B123goLog : cute
Baka2.0 : Did anyone watch the replay.
LittleGhost : What does it mean?
Yo its ava : Awww
Thai15 : But still cute!
b.e.a.u.t.y.a.l.y.a : thats so cutee!!!!!!!!!!
Thai15 : Wait 100th? I think that thing means something else
Annabelle Tsen : its amazing congrats on your 100th design
Lachie LJ : Hi cutee €>
ALIBEAR1717 : OMG….cute :) :) :) :)
Yo its ava : Awwwwww
Maryam3Cstudent : Love it
Hosna986 : How did you do it its like amazing
Synthya : Cute
Hosna986 : Love it so good
LilyClover : I know right
Emely9 : Kuromi Chan >.
.Lollipop. : Omg luv it!
LittleGhost : Lets be friends :D
StephanieMagic5 : Adorable
Thai15 : Im still figuring that out ;v;
blackpinkGreat4 : WOW WOW
Hosna986 : Hi lottle ghost i really like your designs want to be friends
Hosna986 : Congrats on your hundredth design
LittleGhost : Thanks!
StarshineX : sure!
StarshineX : u gained a follower
Hosna986 : I am happy to have a friend in makers empire thanks little ghost