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Pusheen #10

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Pusheen #10

14 days ago
Hello stormy! She is sooo cute! I drew in 2d today because i thought it would’ve been hard in 3d because of the fluffies ToT Next is: Pip Edit: Omg my first time having first on the hot page!!! Tysm this means a lot to me!!!

Tina Y : Sooo cute!
CrownnedYT : Cute
& Cookie $ : Omg i love it ♥️♥️
AmaniAndAyana : Cute
Annabelle Tsen : aww cute thats stormy!
HaydenShoe8 : oh my gosh! so cute
Chelsea.li703 : Cute
.-liarscomeback-. : AW, SO CUTE!
LujainBlue1 : Nice and cute
mahradbest : cute
Morewafer : SO CUTE
StarshineX : thats really good
rabiaFast : cute
Synthya : Nice
Ashfor short : my names annabelle !
heart princes : Stormy /⁠ᐠ⁠。⁠ꞈ⁠。⁠ᐟ⁠\
Warrior_Girl11 : I wuv s
Warrior_Girl11 : *i wuv stormy shes my fav!
Lake53 : Awwe! this series is getting more cuter! *dies of cutness* x_x
blackpinkGreat4 : cute cat
PusheenC : stormyyyy
FROGGYFRIENDLUV : I love pusheen