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50 likes free!!!!!!!!!

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50 likes free!!!!!!!!!

6 days ago

luxannas : Nice
avacarl : That slay
malaykah34w : AYO
Therealme : so cute!!! but to expensive
gabrielme : Bro
joon34w : love
MagicaFancy : So cute
vhammond : yeahhhhhhhhhh
emalinel : but i guess its cute
Greta S : It has 500
SnowyGrey3 : Nice!
Greta S : It has like 300 likes make it free pls
chenxiw : Cute
Felicity23 : it has 525 make it free
maddied12 : its has 533 likes so make it free pls
catiec : when free
Ishanvi K : Its 535!!!!
Yriz 1 : Can i have for free
kiratr : It has 50 likes
christinechai : Nice
RonnyL : I love your design
lanael : Like you
lilyh123 : uwu
nanakoa : Amazing
lanael : Banna boy oops girl
jennayoung : thats a little sus...
jojo_nana : slay
Morewafer : Make it free
Crystalleaf : It has 671 likes, make it free
ApplePieSunday102 : 445 likes pls make free
tasneemt : its already gotten more than 100 likes...
ALEDOLANGOLD : Make it free
Puppy poppy : you ate this design and left no crumbs :)
Puppy poppy : so good i lked it make it free pls!
ellax7 : NICE
ellax7 : SLAY
Harper4A23 : it is pretty it is not sus its just a charecter
Harper4A23 : slaqyyyyyy that is -pretty
chloezhu : das sus
alishaHappy8 : its at 676
alishaHappy8 : bruh
Yougnerd : I’m Impressed
PurpleGuy_1 : You have to?
jojo_nana : CUTE
RickiLeeT01 : Sus but i likeit slay
Yougnerd : I have to tell my friends about your cool design
Gabby0 : cute
Gabby0 : cute and cute
Yougnerd : You are the best
Yougnerd : You eat that girls
Yougnerd : I wish I can make cool designs like you
Yougnerd : Keep it up
otterflower8 : lol
Yougnerd : Nice work
Yougnerd : Im jealous at the same time happy for you firend
Ru56 : 136 likes….
hollyg1 : you have 50 likes make free now please
Ru56 : Just sayin…
Maddie D : Are you oh my god I just don’t have the words to say it but yours is just the greatest one I’ve seen all year and you are a great person and could you lower your price of? That’s okay if you’r
laceylo : Beautiful
elsies : B
erikale : it;s over 50 girl,
jnewman : so cute
Happythe_elf : It is a bit we
wanil : Your already at 87 likes
IsabelleXavier : wheres the cuteness hun
florenceli : nice
marli5964 : IT HAS 149 LIKES like girl make it FREE
Pingping : Cool
IsabelleXavier : sussy baka
MiaHill1 : so cute
Addythegamer : i love it
maddieStrong8 : sooooooooooooooooo cute
rubyparke : 196 likes! Cmon!!
hannguyen9 : Its already cheap…
FunnyFred : 230 likes and its still 13 tokens but good job
jamieya : UwU
lilahjud : Omg you look amazing
Charlee C : Its way past 50 make it free
siennanguye : soo cool
KhloeXavier : it is beautiful
Addison.grace.savage : Love it girl i brought it snd liked it
Emmawwwinnner : Have u ever heard of me
Chiefred : It is cute!
lilahjud : I love your chatrer so much
Chiefred : I loooove it!
Maimunah R : Yeah yhh
rimaf : it is so cute but it cost to much money for my budget
sicilianoa : Frfr im not gonna lie its actually cute
Little_Cookie : Free!
lanang : Uhh you've got like 300 likes
Chocodounut31 : Omg so cute
sarahhof : She has bodonkadonks
jonniel : HA HA
cadence14 : so cute slay queen