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Which is the better eyes?

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Which is the better eyes?

11 days ago
been a few days since i posted not feeling creative anymore lolol :> how r y'all?? I'm alr js a bit bored im planning on taking a week's time of a break or smth? will occasionally make a design this week ok baii now!! xx

CowWarrier : Probably the second. Many makers have created eyes just like the first but the second is unique
Lake53 : ty for ur opinion! good opinion and yea ur actually right the first eye was inspo from different makers :)
.-liarscomeback-. : Of course! They are beautiful >:)
Lake53 : awwee! ty once again!!!
Lake53 : tyyyy!!!!! uh huh ur right it does give those kinda vibes!! :>
Lake53 : yaa! it does !! and ty sm!
.-liarscomeback-. : OHHH! THESE ARE SO PRETTY!
.-liarscomeback-. : I love both!!
Lake53 : ty ty!!! means a lot that u support me (:>
Lake53 : awwe! tysm!!
StarshineX : these are both really good! the first one gives me crystal vibes and the secobd gives me leaf vibes i like it