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my unbrella
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my unbrella

by 22jdalt
4 months ago
it aswome right

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ScottStrongLake : Please make it for free and I will give you one of my designs go to ScottStrongLake please :) !!!
JaydenGreenSwamp : Umbrella
ClariVGG : “143”
ClariVGG : Can you plz like or comment on my design?
ClariVGG : I did :)
ClariVGG : Seriosly?... its TOTALY awesome.
KleptoCats : Me too
KleptoCats : But thats a normal umbrela. For rain.
KleptoCats : Me three
ClariVGG : Ok i will
ClariVGG : Me too! Mine is not that good though.
ClariVGG : Me too!
I am Iron Man : thats amazing!!! good job... and that not how you spell "awesome" ;)
AzulHappyTruck : This awesome
Divon12 : Love it
QUEEN_ALEXIS : Im trying to win that to
Build Detroyer : please look up car in the gallery i made it,can you people pls like it
저승사자 phantom : Im gonna try win that
Sha sha : No and how did you do that?
Simber : How did you make that?
Sike123 : How did you do that and you spellt awesome wrong
IMTOMCRUISE : Not that awesome.. And you didnt spell awesome right
MonkeyHappyTruck81 : Ohh.... It was raining. Nice idea to bring an umbrella.....:)
Abby To : I like it
EvelynPurpleLakeGreyTruck : Ygervyjfrwekjybabf dkgujaffcdgkjybafrcegjuvfcdasgjuvcfadsjjvyfrscagujvacsfdkguvjcasfdgufcdsajgujvrwcae,kugvr,ichkbweygeuvir lia friluhnaf seuilbhaf sdlhbioa fsdl houaf dso. Hifar sl oih fsuho. Fs dak f ludhsalkhuncsfdahinucsaffbikugcadsfuibkscdgfgkiubcdffksdgcfibukui hfacdsgil ufscddg kiusf lfgkdu liu shfd fiuk g dfh uk,
BoboCoolSock : I will see you tommorow.....
BoboCoolSock : You will see Momo doing the t pose in your toilet on the 25/9/50
LMNOP : Okay
MonkeyBoat1 : Can u follow me
Kata F : hmmmmm
XD-Ryan : Ak
Ginger Phantom11 : Idk if its awesome AT ALL. SORRY
cs643542 : :D
cs643542 : yes it will definitely keep u sheltered, until some wind comes...
LULACALHEIROS123 : hermoso
QUEEN_ALEXIS : Its not awesome okay
IMTOMCRUISE : Btw why dus it hv 44 likes?? :-\
MarkBennett : i meant to say its ok (not realy)
MarkBennett : its not that awesome
KAWAIIMarshmallow : ooooooooooooooooookayyy
Blaze_Drip : For Lourd
JaydenGreenSwamp : Its umbella
Djcooper : Uhhh... good... I guess :(