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please recycle
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please recycle

10 months ago
recycle straws there plastic too and save the turtles

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Dalefidgetpants : gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!you
JodieWhittaker : Esme agrees
Luna the beagle : In Lesson in my school we talk abaut recycle
yasminj : Please listen to this person please help save the marine life
Hermionie granger02 : Such a great message!
marley4443 : ohhh wow i think that will get people recycling
ClariVGG : ( Cries )
kateSofa : save the amimals
jayden23 : its true but this is a game.
ClariVGG : The animals future!
Myra.goyal : That is true we hhave too recyle it will save the sea liife AND US
kateSofa : yes save the anima;s
katanaw : this is great!!
red-pandapower10 : wow yeah that means alot i am cry now thats probaly the most sensable thing ever posted good job 22jdalt
Elijah Lai : RECYCLE
JodieWhittaker : Yay someone else who is an evironmentalist :D
luca 6605 : so sweeeeeeeeet to save the sea Animals this the best thing I have seen I love this so much thank you
Elijah Lai : RECYCLE
Meerkat_Power98 : thanks for saving the marine life and the enviroment
Walter W : Yes
ella smith : I love it
6hana : please fallow me
Elijah Lai : RECYCLE
hi people amaya : i agre
abiburgergirl : Great job! I am very passionate about this type of thing:) also there is an amazing company called 4 Oceans to hat make bracelets from plastic from the bottom ofeof to he ocean!!! #notSponsored
kobich1 : true but #notponsored
Orange Juice Sundae : SO TRUE if only we could get everyone to hear your voice about marine life
krystalKat : yess we need more things like these on M.E
Mikaylapinkpop : The person who made this design has a great heart because it is true that we haft to save our sea life.
AbbyStrongSock : The awesome! Great message!!!
HarrietLog : I love animels
Miriam happy face : Thankyou for saying that in your designs
Tk4Life : Yes. Turtles are probably going to become exinct by 2025
120238 : Sskksisksskskksskssk save the grass
Ultra mega : yes listen to this sign
charlee0611 : I like what you are telling him or her
Hermionie granger02 : Awsome message one we all need to hear!
Yuri CatLover :D : I always wanted to say that
Dragonfire007 : My dad was famous nationally for that.
JackTilley : cool
kobi#sport : ha ha ah i have tried that it actually works
Katerina the dancer : Homeless
Katerina the dancer : How are you hom
charlee0611 : Hey charlee here you might of got my message.
rileyrdash : I Like what you do
alexch12 : omg...... my heart is on fire right now, thankyou for this... :) thumbs up--> b
ClariVGG : Are you axagerating?
MoonKat10 : Ok
Tkcooper : save te animals that live in the sea
unilove : the best thing eva and imma doin marine life 4 my exhibition because i love marine life! and also donut pollute cause it bad.
Cherry Queen : Come on we must recycle Pluse look in google DIYs like you can recyle straws by making necklice
unikitty emmy : Yes we all need to do our part to save the world
Tk4Life : Same. I feel the same way
SamKea : you're a good person 22jdalt
sbarr : :)
sbarr : Wow that means alot
JackTilley : my favouit animal is a turtle.
Helen harder : never use to much water try using one bucket a day
Audrey Smart Girl** : TRue true
Clara CWPS : It looks so good! What a great idea to get this message across! :)
ellam5022 : yaaaaaaaassssss queen!!!!!!!!!!!
ClareFastCup : Awesome if you whant to help more you can go to 40 ocean you are awesome
Andrew.truck : cool man!
ClariVGG : Mine too!
AmberFancyShoe : Love it
finnmce : Its true, if you see my comment, please recycle
ElvenArcher : Very meaning ful message
tinkle : Recycle what a graet heart, well done you
ClariVGG : And turn off lights when your not using them, it helps nature.
JaxonL : Cool
Hermionie granger02 : Gret message we should all start to recycle and pretect our future!
rubiw : YUS RECYCLE *im a bad speller* LIKE IF U WANT TO SAVE THE OCEAN
alexandro1ct : Qassdd
Ean6516 : Awesome!
Jimbobula : Soooooo cooooool
Eva Fellows : I like your idea and agree with what your saying
kobich1 : i mean sponsored
Olivia EveBlundell : Great helping people to save the enviroment. I have been learning about it.
T cooperation : I think so as well!/?
abiburgergirl : I sure will!
abiburgergirl : And 'of'
georgiaCool : a message that everyone should get
Blackeyedwolfy : Omg you are makeing me cry u r so nice
Bella and sara : Good gob i like that you love life
abiburgergirl : Oops i meant 'that'
Hermionie granger02 : Help save the koalas look up on makers empier save the koalas by Hermioniegranger02 to find ou more!