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super mario bros part one
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super mario bros part one

10 months ago

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mkins111 : This is the best creation i halve
mkins111 : Ever seen
Bastien 3 : hello I am BASTIEN (a boy) I would like to be your friend and if you become you can ask me to build something for you, I speak several languages ​​but I am French, most of my construction is fortnite, brawl stars and Pokémon
TheNuggetGod : I LOVE MARIO TOO!!!!!!
tom2000 : hoow
henryb20 : OMG I LOVE MARIO
falicia12 : Wow so cool :D
P-Mia : love it
Parker luther xd : Hell of a good job
red hat hack : good but how?
King cooperClever : I love your work
JackTilley : the mushrooms are called goombers btw
HR rose 989 : Oh my God I love it how do you make that can you tell me
Mr. Fritch : This looks like the real thing!
KatPlayz23 : dats baddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
JasperDigHoles10 : How did u make this thing it looks awesome!
krusmiha : what even is that!! you have brought shame to the mario family name!!! pasta la vista
marshmallow102 : so cool
Bats : Mario
xXmamaXx : Wow super mario
DogBlueHat58 : Cool
MysticGamer : Whoa...
ryder12 : nice
Shyshon : Good job
CatQuick9 : Boo
AxelCT : IT LOOKS EXATCLY LIKE MARIO i can buy buy it but no soz bro imma show all me friends this keep up the good work
Kenneth Leong : Errrrrrrrrr!amazing
TravisFunSock : Bro how do you make mario bla bla bla
FlofyQuickCup : Mario
AxelCT : imma give this a like
wilhod01 : its ame a mario
TigerHat10 : It is awesome
BananaMan233 : Gr8 work bruh
MakerrekaM : No way i am soooo jelous
courtneych1 : @courtneych1[-]
emilyrose123 : well done i love it
s0072771happy : Cool
ClariVGG : OMG thats amazing i like super mario but i dont play it and i dont know all the enimys and stuff but its pretty cool!
See qwen : Cool
betty cooper : how did you do that!
Ultra mega : bro
Declan0503 : Amazing Work
DogMagicChair70 : it is amazing ❤❤
JaydenGreenSwamp : Nice well done
Caleb369 : wow
shahadFast : meme❤
shahadFast : hi
luca 6605 : epic wish I coud by it but i do not whot to
Alicia Espanol : Pradyum
sohie 100 : SOOOOOO COOL
Ollie332 : Reply doods!.?
Josephine roobertsonminecraft : omg exactly like the game
Thegoldenendo : Wow thats cool i do know your secret but still
mitchellha : i just made one of the pipes:D
Ollie332 : Plop
Josh.Friend! Room10 : Good job
sbarr : How just how
Furqan.fahad : Kj#js7osuihsishui Iksksksaka Skskakakakak Skskskskk
VDC : Hi!
Noseyrocket(charlie nash) : Do one were luigi dies while mario rides yoshi herocicly
VDC : I love it!
ssjg goku : nooice
AristacatAaliyah : Love it!
DogMagicChair70 : it is amazing
Tara.harrison1 : Ha ha that cool
ajsach1 : yo great bruh this is really cool do like overwatch or something nxt
Taiciaa : Wow this is amazing dude
CarynSock : Oooo what’s your real name ?
Lucas3g : Omg omg omg the game
sharaynna : wow do you like the game super mario bros
Lucas3g : I love that work
DogMagicChair70 : it is
Cooper Fuller : copyright
ClareFastCup : What happend to mario
Eve Lacey : omg
Bats : Mario
super girlPurpleBike : so cool you must be really creative
Clara Dixie : Like excuse me... WHAT?!
Yuri CatLover :D : Super cool!
Miki P : Love it!
beanie boo girl : so cool
AB63807 : Whaaagt
MysticGamer : ???
Furqan.fahad : Kksy ywgyyhohvzwudgaae u eucx %mwau c 3d&z
JamesChair : Hehehedsdfnehfng
ElvenArcher : How did you do this
JamesChair : Hehrhfhfhf
NinjaHero585 : Your Drawing is so good!
tinkle : Welldone bro
ClariVGG : I tried to but could not get the color right.
ClariVGG : Yah.
Ollie332 : You gies are cool and so am I right?
boiFastBook : Its'a Me Mario!
ClariVGG : I have 184 coins saved up!
Myra.goyal : Mario kart not I LIKE it
SamKea : its not a drawing
Lilymoon : Wow
ClariVGG : IM RICH!!
Charlotten : Cccccccccccccoooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllll
YannisHo : Cool! Luv ur designs!
Anastasia2.0 : dude that is epic
OllieCool : Good job to
e,isabelle1 : COOL!!!
OliviaGrey : That is so much money
Tiny viney101 : Cool
coolsnake : so cool
JamesChair : Eidfmifjsdfgfjijlnvjirfjvirfljngoirjfonviojrfnvidwofnvisjfonviofefvkorejfjnviodsf)vnisfojvnvifsjovnvijoeffnvijoeffnvedijfonvdifjovnijfonvifdsjonvdsijfoniosjvnijdofovnidjfnvudsfvcewffosaofewrfkwrofpkvnpdfk
kush parikh : nice
Reina de las flores : me gusta tu dibujó de mario bros
SamKea : bloxels edu
sharaynna : yeah
MakerrekaM : I cant beleive the detail in the ground.. man i should do pixle art more often
crusty demon : very smart mate
KleptoCats : To what/who?
Paris.r : It relly dus