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by עמי
4 months ago
כי זה היה חמוד מעוד.

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maiceyC72 : So would i tinkle
Dora and boots!!!!!!!!!!!!1 : Soooooo coo !!!!!!
Dora and boots!!!!!!!!!!!!1 : So cool is the tieger
Myra.goyal : Cute
Hashaam Ahmad1 : I hate it but i a little bit like it
MessiGreenBoat : Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BrandonGan : bye
BrandonGan : nice
Mr. Skroogles : Stop speaking bomb wires
Sorayya.J : not as cool as the dragon
tinkle : I would like it without the blue around the edges
Ariel the little mermaid : I was born in the year of tigers so do my friend yilin
lukebe : I think it looks cool and very artistick
1212121 : تسمينمتض3قفغثلا نئءهءالاغ يل5غهخ
Izzy1144 : can i have it ?
Maaahad : Coool
Big chungus 101 : No one is ever going to buy this this is price gowdging inwould only pay 5 four this