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2 months ago

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Misaky and the fantsy world : انا اماراتية بعد
Johnathan Blocksie : Hippity hoppity UAE is your proppity
Johnathan Blocksie : Oops how do i delt it
Twitty : I dont andurstand what you are talking about and i now arabic
Twitty : Me to and i love UAE VERY MUCH !!!
A2009-2019 : :|)
A2009-2019 : Lala
A2009-2019 : I live in México (Querétaro)
XxUAExX : كفؤ
Yas playz YT : I live in dubai!
PicudoCleverLog : Nivel uno en serio.!,!!
LailaHappyTruck : ILove uae
golden qween : I LOVE U.A.E
kayal : UAE my country
RedBike80 : انا امارتي
XxUAExX : كفوكفوكفو
Mansour fun : انا بعد اماراتي
Mariam prienses : Me too
8686686886 : I love uae
m;rQuickShoe : انا اماراتي
nahyan 6666SmartBike : nahyan 6666 nahyan 6666
R M : نا اتح
R M : حتى انا
ali 209 : انا اماراتي
my witch : Wow