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Nintendo 3ds XL
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Nintendo 3ds XL

about 11 hours ago

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The Maze Maker : My favourite!
QDHB0-4W48H : jhflrhrchf00098
OPSAthankeskiidis : I am going to get a nintendo this year
CatPurpleBoat56 : So easy
Lauren2035 : I have a nintdosuich
Alexia12 : !
Alexia12 : wowo
s398712 : sooooooooooo cool
Leo99 : Awesome
Tk4Life : Comment if you have one. I do
Audrey Albornorz : I loooooooove your design! Even though,you won secound place I bet you worked very hard on your creation and your design looks sooooooo real!
Vapor. : Awsome
reemaGreatSock : its like video game cool !
nice kitty : goooooood
Savella! : WOOOO!!
Aid.lion : Soooooooooooo cool
The blob fish : Cool
BoostercrakproNavas : Esta muy bonito espero que ganes
okboi : good job man
Link1025 : I would rather prefur a swith
isabelle_MBPS : NINTENDO.
water-Brooklyn : I have the new edition nintedo switch on legend of zelda breath of the wild.
Black hole : Make a nintendo switch
semerson : Niiice
Desertkoala : Heck yeh this is awesome
alex19 : Thatsqsf zc FbEae a accwr eq. Qqgresr. Bades
star.Joelle kinsella : Do the nittendo swich
Jackmilkham : Good job
Error-water : cool so cool
The boss Rishaan : Let’s play on a devise
PaulCoolCup : U love games don't you..........
MESSEY#10 : Cool
Veri :) : Wow
Haydn is awsome : Want to play it right now cuase im in school
Mickey bross : You re acro good
Patoupatol : I have to
MiaQuickSock : Nice
GabeQuickShoe : Fortnite
davidki : A wower!
MegTDM : lol
bird-Aidan : Awesome abner
Heman Z : The best one in the world
Master luke : Perfect