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Asthetic girl
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Asthetic girl

about 1 month ago
Leave a like if your asthetic like me O.o

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The wierdo : can you make furry charaters? (half human half animal) :D
Sadie the nature girl : Soooooo good! Jealous!!!!!!
addisonk2820 : Can you please sell it
SiennaSnowbearUnicornrainbow : so adores 💖💖
Greatﺣﻮﺘﻓ ﺔﻨﻣ : حلو حلو
Mackenzie Payerson : were can i see it?
baberaxaha : every body come and follow me I do alot of great things
d8ea : follow me and see my last post please
Magic girlFast : @Magic[-] girlfast
Ali Yt : Yea, I acually already make a bunny furry if ya wanna see it :)
Ali Yt : Ya sure I had an Idea to do some Bts merch for their fans.
Lolly99991 : so cute:D
ﺔﻨﺤﻣ ﺎﻳ ﻚﻣا ﺲﻛ : حد يدور مشاكل يا محنات
سﻮﻋد : blayz bay this ok blayz
tik tokCup : waw
A.F PINK : so cute
Ava max567 : can you follow mw
Adrian1234 : Hi
Queandiva : Nice
Ali Yt : Good :)
HajarShoe9 : so cool
moe@12345Chair7 : عنود
fa600ma27 : wow its look great
SiriLake : Me I want to go in my house little brat me go in my house you one minute one minute
CL0WNT0WN- : hello hooman wanna be friends ?
AliCup30 : Wow
#Bunny : can u do something about BTS plz
Leah Kiki : sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good
Latifaali123Jet : ;o Shes so asthetic , I hope i can be a bulider like you one day ^.
ayato dl : yes btssssssssssss
black24 : follow me
noro 20 : how are ya i am fine
Samanthahjl : So Cute! Please sell it!
へ見何に : Aesthetic** ;w;
party girlFancy : i like this it so cute
Ali Yt : Tysm :P
malaky alattas : wow nice how many days you tookm to do it
malaky alattas : من عربي يسوي لايك
Magic girlFast : @Ali Yt[-] nice
Ali Yt : Hewo! :D
noro 20 : hi
Ali Yt : *. Aesthetic .* *. .*
jackTruck75 : your welcome, i will wait to see it :>
Ali Yt : Thx, and sure, i’ll work on it :)
jackTruck75 : @Ali[-] Yt so girl can you make for me outfit for bad boys [ if you can, cuz your outfits are AMAZING! -
Almaha cute : Nice
noro 20 : j
hiasCup : حلو الرسمة
mouza saif cute : followe me
DamBrooks : omg
Shadow guardian : @Ali Yt[-]
Shadow guardian : @Ali Yt[-]
Shadow guardian : Because this is so incredible!
Shadow guardian : @Ali Yt[-]
Marwa Hero_11 : and cute
Marwa Hero_11 : cool
hessa.sPencil : هاي حلوة
kingomar8900 : can you give me 1000 tokens plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Latifaali123Jet : I love your designs! Keep going ^ Don't forget to follow me back c:
Cupcakep22 : Please follow me
Cupcakep22 : I followed everybody on the coment list
baby yoda soda : @jackTruck75[-]
CL0WNT0WN- : hihi ! i made an aesthetic girl design too ! check my designs <33
Red deadFun : Please comment in my designs please
Red deadFun : wow
.?? : Wow
AmiraBike : Wowww
EwqdGreen : Omg so cute i wouldent be able to do that ! U are so cool
Maker : Don't forget to follow me
im cuteSmart : cute
saja 05052343 : so cute i like it
Ali Yt : Sure :), and thx :D
raghadGrey3 : I like at
RoroShoe2 : Cute
Maker : And your drawing it's nice
Maker : Hi can we be friends?:)
LLLone wlof : hi how do i folow u?and can u put it on sale
lksjx : non
lksjx : thanks
lksjx : thanks
B2B4 queen : Hhhjjjhjhjhj
Omareledrissi : horors
H A K E R boy : @HAKER[-] boy
laila =) (back up acc) : Wow yup i am asthetic -likes-
Red-Kanari : @AliYt,[-] Can you check my drawing is it good or ad, please tell me
black24 : follow me and see my disign
٥٦٦١٣٢ : واو كيوت و حلوا
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568424 : nice
nm.fb7 : can you follow me and see my last post
Ali Yt : Sure :)
SPIKE902310 : Awwwwwwww sooooooooooooo cute
Davia Douglas : Her eyes look like LOL dolls eyes I like it
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#Bunny : cool
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Sarai :3 :^ : Parece loli sin ofender :v
Magic queenLog : Love it so much
malak mohamedGrey : i like it
RTShoe2 : wow
582570Bike : hi i love your designs
exoD.O : WOW!! LOL!
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nofy77 : wow so creative:)
NoooR 1234 : حلوووو
yazooia2 : It is really nice.. I love it! XOXO ^-^
PRINCEES BLUE : hi i love you designs❤❤❤❤
That.gurl.nay : What class yall in and yal go to dr chrles drew on nah
Mina.M : Cute
R:) : You have 712 followers
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Black Belt : Are you in my class ?
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THE HUMAN BEAN : Moaen so good!
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