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Me <3   #2
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Me <3 #2

about 1 month ago
So I did this before with my old avatar, so heres my new one! UwU

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Tacowolfgirl890 : Nice skate board
Io:v : And me
Hamood1711 : great work keep it up:)
lapissgalaxy : yea pleaso do me
Davia Douglas : I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fish nets!!!!!
SaraHat94 : Wowowowowow
Red deadFun : omg niiiiiiccccee
Chocolate1029 : Is that you in a game or.... you real life
hellohellohello : Yay!.
Puglinson221s1 : I LOVE IT!
Ziena:) : Can you teach mehhh:/
remas260 : is that you OMG
LaeLaeOkay : Please do me!
LaeLaeOkay : Wowwowowo
Ali Yt : Sure :D
Ali Yt : Thx preck :)
Preck ☆ : I like your old avatar @Ali Yt[-]
hellohellohello : Cute and also want to be friends
Nickesha1273 : Cuteeee
YulondaFast : Yes for free please
Ccp girl : agree totally like your avatar I love it
nm.fb7 : can you follow me please
Xxxpinkiexxx : Omg cutee
S553271moe.ae : amazing
Ali Yt : Like, do you want me to sell it?
Ali Yt : Thanks lol! :3
Ali Yt : Ty :)
Milk_CookiesForLIFE : Awww this is cute! I like it xD
Jayden Plays!! : Cute!
SPIKE902310 : Cute
Alimakeup : Follow @kawaiicute
Alimakeup : Thanx UR cool
Ali Yt : Sure ^u^
Alimakeup : can i be ur friend @aliYt[-]
goodgame gg : wow nice so cool how you do that so cool (^-^)
YulondaFast : I love it can i have it