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Inquisitor master/Alex
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Inquisitor master/Alex

17 days ago

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902022272 : How u do that
Rawan love you : Follow me plz
Rawan love you : Follow me plz
makers empire qeen : sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute
pepels is my : I love her she’s awesome
Rawan love you : Follow me plzz
wonderMagic : Can you sell it !
Katielove123 : Wow
Mina beauty : Well...i use to wacht alex but now...my small sister wacht’s her now and really loves it :)
dassy : Thx :D
ellaisawesome : omg i love watching her videos
Ziradog9 : Omg u a alex fan like me too?
Chicken. : What di u mean hello
Piggyfan : Food
Maker : I love you
Alreem cute 5 : love it she is a wonderful
568424 : cute
00000Great : I live the girle
preetiSofa : please play my mazes on maze mania . you will enjoy it . i hope you acept my invitation
preetiSofa : beatiful
preetiSofa : you are really good
preetiSofa : wow this is awsome
Khokha_2020 : aaww that's cuuttee i love it !!!!!!
kelwa zoldik : mee too
GUMMIEBearBUBBLE234 : Im also a fan of u and her!
GUMMIEBearBUBBLE234 : I subscribed to her channel cuz she so awsome!
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BelindaRed : Ilove it
mamayy : i luv inquisitormaster
mamayy : omg ur so gud
Izzy liu : Cute :)
Dana Ibrahim-5-B : cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ali Yt : Hiii
Ali Yt : Aww your welcome that’s so sweet of you to say that, but I think Im keep this desgin not for sale but Ima buy one of your desgins to give ya some tokens :)
rozy girl : so cute
mamao : حلوة حبيبيتي ماشاء الله تبارك الله
LLLone wlof : hi Ali just wanna tell you that u were my first frind thx u the best :ps plz put it on sale
Maker : I love inquisitotmaster! I watch her all the time!
Eva123Happy : Omgg! I love to watch alex
Lauren2319 : Ok i will make more
Meera8Book : Nice
nouf friend : make like for nouf friend
Kiss me im hot : who needs a bf?
ﻲﻨﻴﻣ : مذهل
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VeronicaLake : MAKE MOE
VeronicaLake : ITS SO COOL
Freer.y1232 : Oooo alex..
Eimily : wow its amazing
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kingomar8900 : Cool! !
Evies4Heartsxoxo : Cool!:) So creative:) If i could give a rating out of 10 it would be 100!:)
catcake@113go77 : omg i love it
Breannapencil : How are you so talented! Your the best :D
Honeybun : I meant. Wox
Honeybun : Wow just fow
Ali Yt : Aww thx!
maryamJet93 : @VikingPrincessJazmine[-]
Lauren2319 : How do you do that
Lauren2319 : OMG
Mariyameemeh : Alex cute
jawwa : حلو ماشالله
MIM2010 : It's beuty
sophia vaporeon : i love Alex
Hayley6170 : OMG WOWIE I LOVE IT
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dassy : Can you make Drake
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Lilly123Blue : Im a big fan of her!!!!
Ali Yt : Yea I do sometimes :)
Ayshasara1 : I watch here i live alex!!!!!!!!!!
Ayshasara1 : I love inquisitormaster i watch here sometimes yea but i love her videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ice fox : coot >w
Maker : cool
Mia1234568 : So cool!!!!!!!!
Ali_mali : Wow how did u do this?!
dragon_gamer : Oh my Gosh you watch inquisitor master because I watched it too! (Even my brother and my little sister) \\• v •//
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brownorca24 : woo
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