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10 days ago

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Maker : cute
Meliodas... : AW CUTE
MrsChunk : Adorable!
VanessaTheUnicorn : Aww they so cute :3
GraceK2248 : Chuuuuu!! So cute!! You know Ali Yt, those would be my soul-pets (if they existed)
902018831 : a part is mising sis
Kittykitten : Awwwww! So cute! I lov it!
Panda lover/ice : Awwwwww
Xxyuka's_gachasxX : AAWEEEEEEEEEe
Celestia breeze : @Celestia[-] breeze
JuiceWrld_Fanz16 : I have Squishmallows they sell dem at target or walmart! lov yall- or Be safe yall Lol
•Mia keep• : :> cute
artgirl223 : i have the sloth and the sekwin bunny
starlight3378 : So cute
Neon Neon Unicorn : Im dying couse its so cute
Neon Neon Unicorn : I hearted it -3-
Isla2010 : So cute
dodoPencil9 : NICE
Kittykitten : Wow! Its so amazing i wanna try and make it now
Kittykitten : This is amazing so cute and sweet u such a pro great job i such a fan of u right now and a bit teensy bit jelous
Kittykitten : Everyones saying cute! LOL
#1 MissPopular : Cute!;)
Tlcp : It is a toy
axxilia : That is sooo cute :>
Tlcp : Plain adorable
Wolfl03 : Adorable
S x m m y y : Animal foood
cleo the mermaid love : AND COOL EJ
Ali Yt : Nice! Their so cute, i have these two.
Ali Yt : They are actually plushies :3
Ali Yt : How lol?
Ali Yt : Haha yea I have actually these 2 irl
Mia 6 2020 : aww cute well done ali yt
#Kitty cat : I mean scwishy
#Kitty cat : Schrhsh
MiMonkey : Mmm, not bad
KhanhSofa : So nice
Lucy winter : I have the dragon one (drew)
Queen crystal the great : I bought one of those a few days ago cute!
Sike1234 : Please like me i will like you
Maker : Cool and amazing
Natural beauty : Do you like my poooooo avater
Natural beauty : Poooooo
AYLA8 : O-l so cute! :3
Skdaily : Awww
. rux : wow
Lilly123Blue : Sooo cute :D
julmur22Purple : so stinkin cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee <3
Fatima51 : aww so cute i love it
spoge bob : can you follow me
Minecraft Secrets : please follow me
mamayy : so cuttteteeeeeeeee i luv them
Aria11 : Please make it freeeeee
Aria11 : Aww
A_Mohsen : plez follw me an me follw you
Magic_master2011 : Soooo cute
EthanLu6 : Cute
MiaTheDarkFairy : AWwwe! soooooo cute!
puggymuggler : Too cute
Elliaea : I million likes!!!!
Elliaea : OMG so cute
Elliaea : OMG CUTE i love squishmellows can we be friends
glittercorn : I LOVE THIS ,sooooooo cute
MadisonBike : I have one
julmur22Purple : my heart just exploded and if this was a toy i would sooooo get it
julmur22Purple : awwwww!!!!
Misu Riney : Cute little pets •^|•
Que41 : cute i got them
Maker : i have one -.- mines gary anyways how about urs!
Xxxpinkiexxx : Aww
S x m m y y : It looks like...foood OoO
shyannesavagedemon : i have one of those but its one of the hug mee ones it is a cow her name is cliff
catprinces : cute i have 8 small ones
Florio! : I love it
EllaR2010 : Omg this is the most cutest thing ever
Dayna27 : Cute
Haystack : Can you please follow me and @Sike1234[-]. I love your design!
PomeranianPuppy : aww!so cute
Brook the blue girl : I love it it is soo cute!
Jhulith_pro :3 : Su cute uwu
Bobabear : Omg so cute
Green clover : Cute i love it wow
xXsxlie : Cute
XxxEvelynHazelxxX : Aww, it looks like this could’ve been made in easter tho xD
Catblas123 : <3 love it i have them
Gachalover123 : Really cute
soso34 : wow
rozy girl : Soo cute i like this!!!!!!
Ali Yt : Thx :)
pepels is my : So cute
PomeranianPuppy : So cute!
UmaJr18 : Can u follows me plz!
UmaJr18 : Aww! So cute!