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Tysm for 400 followers!

11 days ago
Thx so much for the followers! Here is a free look! <3 Also i reposted the fixed version

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SiennaFun1 : I love it
1234567890ra : قرف حتى حق جهال
Ashly rose pop : Wow my dream come true i buy it me why
123Green11 : Follow me please than i follow you
pinkfox98 : wow I Love it
Hevensky ghost : i think the hat is pretty!
soso j : nice cool
Harper crown : wow i love her
12124Quick : hvbgvhgb
CookieRed6 : For making it for free
Sk3tchtyt : You spend to much time on your hands btw its really cool
shut upSofa : @dx3ert[-] bater
~dxppy._.akuol : That looks really cute
aryam77 : What j?
Chicken. : Wow is that adidas :$
Cupﺪﻤﺤﻣ ةﺮﻬﻣ : والله شكرا حبيتي
zxc#12344 : aww nice woorke i like youre designs wow
290337 : Ur so lucky to have that much followers i only have like 14 and i join 1 month aho and 2 weeks
123Green45 : i love wow
123Green45 : wow wow wow wow
abdulla 87 : hello follow me i follow you
cutecoco : ?////////
alolqi056 : wow
Kayi maia refico : Hola prima
UNICORN 63 : Nice
UNICORN 63 : It is good
-Emi- : I love it- you're so kind to put it for free
635722Truck : how did you do
Dogsarecoolcatsarecute : Wow wow wow i love what u did
9887U : Kannyrea
9887U : Kannyrea
nawwary85 : wowowowowowow
RAKAN 0eri_ : سكس
hihiShoe : nasrren eyad
Miatheunicorngirl123 : [c][9E58A2]@Emilysky [-][/c]
Ali Yt : I made I fixed version causea lot of ppl were saying that too :)
Miatheunicorngirl123 : @Emily[-] sky
animewolfgirl : I love it!!!
kaiQuick4 : cute
TrudgeJet : This is sooooooO cute! ;)
Ali Yt : Thx :3
sAW49 : sddfdsff vdcff
Dogsarecoolcatsarecute : It not letting me get this amazing outfit
902022272 : Thank u
KeilaStrong : In iwell meery you
KeilaStrong : Like what
KeilaStrong : What is your name becase my name s keilastrong
KeilaStrong : I love you
Ali Yt : Its named thx for 400 follows- free
A human bean : U mean 635! XD
KarenBlue : May i ask where is it? Or the title of the outfit please?
Ali Yt : Thx, and Ik so I made a fixed version
KarenBlue : Idk why but i didnt let me buy it i feel like something is wrong But your outfit is AMAZING
Yeraidiz08 : Hey /12
2699twoClever : وwhere iswhere invery nicevery nicevery nice
2699twoClever : وايت
afraQuick6 : please follow me
queen@shaikha12345 : Hahahahahahahahahahah
chalsie : wow
Lona_4358_ster : it looks soooo cuteeeee Y(^*^)Y
stuF20190023592 : wow that cool and hared work
Lucy winter : Omg so cute
nm.fb7 : can you follow me please
Milah skddere : O: hiii i
Yulonda : I love it can i have it for 1dollor
Maddie516 : Your so cool!
qwertyuiSmart : wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Amber02 : I love this!!
mrm.2006 : @mrm.2006[-]
Nickesha 1273 : Hey ali i want to chat with u plz
Nickesha 1273 : Ali Yt i need to chat with you please
SllslsLog : You too
zxc#12344 : wo
theyab5c : Mishy and bow
Naya Saeed3D : So nicey
Unicorn girl 656 : Can i Advertise for you?
Unicorn girl 656 : Girl! You are good you have to make one for me!
The queen shahad : How you do that plz tell me
TrudgeJet : I love it!
merrrro : Wow wow
Alissa10 : Wooo! Looks like we got a....Makers Empire Wall Of Fame new member! Congratulations!!!
3osha-# : Wooooooooow. nice i bye it
Dana 2010 : wow
Tãffyyy” : Wow!!
Iamsanna : Wow
Bookﻱﺪﻧ : ندى
*jana* : it so cute
nm.fb7 : can you follow me please
Minimouse : Cool
rheal : im offline
rheal : yay
Queen_of_heartss : awwww its fine im soooo happy you replied to this you made my day
Ali Yt : Yea I do I just have so much mail its kina hard to keep up ;~;
ro3jrol : cooool
ro3jrol : i love it so beureful
CharlibearHat : So cutte
FaizaKitty123 : Hooray!!!
Ali Yt : Hey :p
Mobarezlionking : wowwww
Andrea190 : She so cute
Yeraidiz08 : I like it
Yeraidiz08 : Hi
CookieRed6 : Omg thx
Ali Yt : Hewo :P
Pricesslove : She is cute
zolzlia : WOW!! I LIKE IT!!!!
Nickesha 1273 : I can tell u go to avatar and click + and u can make ur own
Latifa57234510 : WOW I LOVET
melody22 : Lol
640723 : wow
902022272 : Gtn
902022272 : Hi
snow white @ : if you give me that girl I will give you like
Duckmaster11 : Its pretty nice i like it
cuteBike8 : wow! It's so nice Ilove it
white Cheetah : Best friends forever
Ahmad_123Chair : by for me please
L And CFastLog : Awwww soo. Cute
Maddie516 : How did you do this?!!!!!!
Oriane : So nice
Reemthe shaf : Awww cute
Xiaoxiao123 : Cute
Lillycandy : cute
thelittecutegirl : Y cant i have it but its cute
Queen_of_heartss : do you reply <3 ?
MatchaMochi : Yu mah idol ;-; can we be frends? TwT
SllslsLog : Same too
SllslsLog : Yes
SllslsLog : I no
SllslsLog : I like it
Emily X : Yes I finally can buy this
Ali Yt : A lot of ppl said that so If you go to my desgins you will see I made a look just like this, and it works :)
Emily X : Me too it says that too when I am buying this design
jas2008 : nice work its also cute
SweetTeddyBear : I love it but it says “there is something wrong” when i try get it
TaySmiles1 : Ik
Ali Yt : Ofc :)
BIG BOSGreen : WoW
white Cheetah : Can we be friends please^_^
white Cheetah : Wow how she is so cute
6689Cool : hhhhha jowking #
Liliyan lol : I love it
Liliyan lol : I cant by it because there is somthing wrong but it NICE
Chocolate1029 : It won’tblet me buy it
Magic queenLog : Nice work
Mari_chat : Hi im making a game can you be inocent so if ppl ask you weird questions just go with it
Molimire : Cool
Hoiyi.Wong : Where do u get dat plushie?
edesta : Wow you r8ch me only have 28 dollar i was just checking what you where wearing lol
Lillyponypie : Nice
super star fer : super star fer
Chels R. : That is soooo good
ella46658 : NICE I'M BUYING IT!!!!!!!
Kitty catl : Awsome!!!
♡ Queen ♡ : By making a look? XD?
Ali Yt : I made a fixed version if it didnt work :)
Mahutu : O:
happyCup4 : i can do it but sooo cute like me ~_~
Ali Yt : Thx soo much @alvaword[-]
Ali Yt : Thank you :)
breezy-chase : How did y do that
Lp93104 : Cool! I love the hat and hair!
Nightfox85 : Yasss queen
juleat : thak you very much its so cute i love it 😍
Silent_667 : cool look
MilaHappy : I am a big fan of you from mila happy
Rainbow cheetah : Love it
Dragonbuilder : Wow!
alvaword : You rich 500 followers because of me I give you the last follower and you get 500 follower
Emily X : You are the best
Ninja1231 : Hi Ali Im a big fan can weteam up to make asome desighnes??
Ninja1231 : Hi a
J.K.7893 : Wait... Its free!
J.K.7893 : Omg lol
PANDA GIRL pink : please tell me how to do that and please follow me
Awesomeguy219 : Love. Youuuu. why. :p. xd
MadeleineYe : How do you do that?
90218116 : I love this outfit
S u n s e t - k u n : OMG cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
jack truk56 : pleas follow me
Mari_chat : Wow thats good!
Red-Kanari : Hi @AliYt,[-] I followed you ,Can you follow me back plz
laila =) : OML its freeeeee THHXX
@FashionCoin : Sooooo cuteeee
Aisha 1232 : Lsjduhdhhsgsbxb bxhxvshjzbxbhskdbxhshdhdhs
♡ Queen ♡ : Np! :D
Aisha 1232 : Nise work
Aisha 1232 : Nise work I like it
mahraQuick79 : nice wow gret cool.......................Iliket.....................................
11 cupcakes : Cute
Athan 123 : Pls follow me
Jessicaaaah_ : So cute!
LorettaCrack : I love it
LorettaCrack : I lovw it
Khushi25 : OMG♥♥♥😎😎
Nat201Bike : Omg sooooooo cute
Devil1000000 : Bougt talk later girl!!!!!!
noro 20 : put it for 1 sale only so we can buy it
UnicornGreen1 : So cuteee
UnicornGreen1 : So cute
joue jet : CUTE
Ccp girl : press on the makers icon and then press follow
Pauettaaa : Awww my plushie owo
Broken Hearts : Oml so cute!
klaraSock : cool
noro 20 : me tooooWHY
noro 20 : VERYNICE !!!!
♡ Queen ♡ : I cant buy it but looks cool
DeathFun : Cute. NYAAA
Que41 : Why can't I buy it?
Lovelyblue : Sameeeee
Elena2020 : SAME
Bi chien : How fo you follow??? Because I want to follow you.
Ali Yt : Sure :)
OkSofa2 : Oh need a bf
OkSofa2 : O
AmiyaStrong : Hbmu
unilover : Can u sell the sweater your wearing in your profile for 7 coin
*.ʚ crybxby ɞ.* : Hiii!! :) i made a new design, is it ok if you check it out?
unilover : How do u make the sweater u are wearing in your profile pls sell it for 7 coins
Yu ni : Me too
Ccp girl : Agree
290337 : I won’t let me but it *i rlly like it tho :c*
gabriellasTruck : It wont let me buy this :( also is so cute
wonderMagic : Love it
M8LXD : hey can you make it 50 tokens can you plz
Ccp girl : agree
princessClever : thanks im following
eamore : I love it it just does not allow me to buy it
Elizabeth kitten : THANKS SO MUTCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
almahaBook : Is soooooooooooooooo niceeeeee omggggggggggggggg
Kawii gamer : Thats so cuteeeeeeeeeeee
Serenac797 : It’s adorable
kat 567310 : waw
Sophie Compton : Its so cute
UNICORN SKSKSK : Omg i cant belive its freeeeeeeee
lele Q3 : ohh
Kevintheawesome : Awww so cute its free!
julmur22Purple : ooooooo!!!
Yuna De Potato : SO CUTE!
• B e r r i • : Omg this is free!
camila qeen : Thank you so cute
grape10 : I won't let me buy it!!!!!!!!!!
The - king - of - this - game ^-^ : omg thanks it's *FREE*
Bubble Girl! : Ooooh So cutee!