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Vsco girl
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Vsco girl

about 2 months ago
Hope yall liked it, I worked really hard on it! :D

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rozy girl : cute
Marwa Hero_11 : my too
Ali Yt : Ty c:
LUNER3CLIPS : I love your work
Ali Yt : Charlo Damilio? Lol idk how to spell her name xD
f112_123 : can you do charli
Puglinson221s1 : Skskskskskksksk and a oop and a oop and a oop!
Ali Yt : Ofc! ^U^
Ali Yt : Thx :)
Coffee girlBlue : can we be friends?
Coffee girlBlue : i love your work
sAW49 : 1244568e4 hhedf
jackTruck75 : okay? ._.
Ali Yt : Welp I finshed him I think he turned out ok ^__^
jackTruck75 : oh okay i really can't wait to see it OwO
Aridja : Sksksksk and i oop
Ali Yt : Oof still I havent made a vsco boy yet but Ima work on him
jackTruck75 : that nice but where the vsco boy?
mouazz :) : skskksskkskkskskkkks ana oop
Red deadFun : nise work
787990 : amazing
Ali Yt : Is ok LoL :D
KatieKat07 : Pawsome! (XD sorry, trying out some stuff)
alvaword : So cute
Ali Yt : Oof thx everyone I did this while are internet was off so I was reallllly bored LoL
Kevintheawesome : Thats so cool!!!!
Hamood1711 : wonderful:)
SPIKE902310 : Omg cute