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ME 262 plane
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ME 262 plane

7 months ago
the first fighter jet ever made. being made throgh the last months of ww2.

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John CenaFun : Nice job, but it was not the wold's first fighter... it was the world's first jet fighter. You are right about it being produced at the end of the war though. Don't forget the Swastika, It's a German aircraft!
cia.ximenagod : is cool jet
Timot : So cool
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altBlue : hello everyone, i want to say thank you for geting me on trending. also at the time i post this its veteran day so lets take a moment to all veterans how fought for America.
Hcihgiffyiiiyr : Lets bomb obama
altBlue : though i could put the german cross
altBlue : hes right
altBlue : your right thank you. i must have had a slip of the tunge. i'll change it right away
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MonkeyClever68 : This is so cool! I love studying world wars and that type of stuff
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altBlue : hello every one, thanks for all the support and i love to here that some of you love history like me.
Jeff 27 : cool
HOWELLBlue : wow a friend of mine loves world war2 things
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The staber : this is awsom i love planes
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