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Starbucks Coffee
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Starbucks Coffee

over 1 year ago

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Hero! : I think starbuckses cup are sphear not oval
Hero! : Cool
Applejack : Wow that look tasty
Mihigirl18 : Great i like it i dont love it sorry
Smudge fatter catter : Oh you again your starting to annoy me!
Svetlana7 : wonderful idea
Ayah. : So detailed and awesome!.
Anna blue : Thx you just buy it from shaper type starbucks and then it sould pop up
Anna blue : *bross* soo sorry
Anna blue : Thanks so much Mickey Boss
Anna blue : LOL
DraSmartJet : What is that
FlofyQuickCup : Me invitas una galleta jajajajajajajaja
Annie612 : How did you get the logo? Anyway its really good!!!
Mickey bross : It s all players know you! You re awesome doing your designs
Mickey bross : So wow
Sarah Moore : How do you make such good designs? Yours are all amazing!
Anna blue : 1 coin
Dannan1 : Where did you get that starbucks coffee logo
MakersEmpireCreator : kay how much does it cost?
Anna blue : Its from the shaper
MakersEmpireCreator : howd u make the logo?
Anna blue : Lol
MakersEmpireCreator : woah!!!!,