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My new cupcake swirl
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My new cupcake swirl

5 months ago
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Smudge fatter catter : Cool Anna blue im 8 and your designs are soo cool btw i will make a design for YOU! Freinds? Answer below...
Smudge fatter catter : The cup cake i mean
Smudge fatter catter : Thats a horrible thing to say its soo cool!
Lusoto : I love it
WeirdLonerGirl777 (Jahayra) : I WANNA EAT! *eats cupcake*
Ella fairy : Amazing
Anna blue : Thx
Anna blue : Thank you
Anna blue : Thx
Ade2line : Je kife
Julia e.star : Wow thatis so cool
Anna blue : We can be friend and thanks for making me a design
Anna blue : Thxs so much
Anna blue : Thx i guess boiii
MariaGreenBoat : Mariana
Samuel.truck : It LOoKS LikE a FaRT cUPCAke
Happy girl : Love it
MariaGreenBoat : Mariana
Anna blue : Thank you so much
Anna blue : Thanks for saying im good
Anna blue : Unicorn elim we can be friends
Lulu.star : Wow it so unique and pretty
TigerCleverLake3 : You aer good
EmonieFastSofa : Yes i Will Be frends
32468 : Yes
Anna blue : Yeah
Ruby08 : Does your avatar have any clothes on?
Anna blue : Thx so much
Anna blue : Lol sorry formaking you even hungryer
Anna blue : Yep
Anna blue : Lol soo me
Ella287 : Was it on shaper
FLETCHDOG19 : That was awesome! I was so hungry when i saw it!
Unicorn Elim : Plus,can you lend me some money/tokens?
Unicorn Elim : @Digital Hourglass[-] I’m a super fan of you!I can’t find your channel,I really want to sub to your youtube though... BTW,love your designs!
Unicorn Elim : Can we be friends?Anna blue?
Unicorn Elim : Thx!
Digital Hourglass : So cute!
Thedevilcat : Me wana eat this
Queen Bluey : How in the name did you make this? It looks awesome!
Anna blue : Sure
Hate : hey want to play my game
Anna blue : Thx its real easy
Anna blue : U just buy the swirl shape lol
Strong.girl : Wow how did you do That that beatiful
TigerFastChair5 : Thats so cool
Happy girl : Wow