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Xbox Controller
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Xbox Controller

over 1 year ago

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Hero! : Dope
AVIONFastTruck : do you paly ps4
Smudge fatter catter : Anna! U can see my real face! If u search up me and smudge!
unicorn1233 : ya tell me how you did that?
VinnyVince : XBOX! Or whatever gaming console...
Anna blue : Thxs
Anna blue : Lol
Anna blue : no not yet
Anna blue : Huh lol
Dannan1 : Have you made a playstation controller?
Serpro : Is so cool
Smudge fatter catter : So Coooooooooollllllll!
OtterFunBike8 : I buy it
Smudge fatter catter : Btw deres a y...
Unicorn Alyssa : My bro would love this model this is his dream to have this game (actually his dream was to have a PS4)(simalar)
Cacaafunjet : Is so cool bro
Anna blue : Hiiii
Anna blue : Its in my makers empire blood lol
Anna blue : Thanks
Anna blue : Okak
Anna blue : Yeah
Anna blue : You mean messed up next time spell correctly
Better than sam : How did you do that?!!!!
flashfortnite : cool
flashfortnite : make a ps4 controller
flashfortnite : its flat
2000111076 : hi
Kai the pro 3 : So COO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nappy Happy : Love it!
Anna blue : Thxs
Anna blue : Lol
Anna blue : Thx bro
Anna blue : Thank you
elfeylovebug : so cool
NinjaSupermaster : Cool bro ;)
awesomekid3434 : AMAZING
Lara25 : Great work ssooo cool Its the best!! Wish you the best for christmas!!$
Anna blue : Thanks so much means alot. Hope you have a great Christmas too
Anna blue : Thank u
Anna blue : I have an xbox too…
Anna blue : Thanks guys
Unicornglitterworld : Thats great
Unicornglitterworld : I have a xbox