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Friendship Charm
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Friendship Charm

by Apham
12 days ago
These charms can be shared between two friends. The wings signify how our friendship will soar and last forever. It can also be used as a ch
Icon comment
LionRedBike26 : awesome
hunter (DEKU) : hello
Lani Dunbar : Cute
_vmss5 : hi
j-alkhory : so amazing
TheReallyWierdGuy : Cool! Good joh
Mirka123 : Mica 13 41
Hellomynameisbob : Very cool
Stuf2012007807HappyHat : Stuf2012007807
fatom nabil : make it for free
ALI_KILLER : hahahah
Silver moon : Love it soo cute
Oliver brook : I like to
LegendaryLink777 : So Cool!!!!!!!!
Mirka123 : Mica1341
Dareno : very nice !!
seoyeon123 : wow! I like it! cool
koko 123456 : You have a nice designs
Seris : Hola
DogCleverLog37 : Adorbs
NoFastSock : Sweet
Sam@08 : Lovly i will share the love
Badgerkitten : Wow
Monkey And Kittys : Like em and emily? !
Oliver brook : That is really nice
551425 : yt7utt wdnhjkdbfjbvoxnvjicxngbxcvhgifdv cxbfzdvfgdsv
p7ki : hello
Swervo : Perioddd
mia-a : Incredible!
Izza-heart : Who are you BFfs
Jujuclover22 : How could you create such a good design! Woooooooooooooow.
Lani Dunbar : Can i be ur friend
malakFunTruck : واو
FlofyQuickCup : ( ◠‿◠ )
TheRedMonster09 : soooo sweet
Angel_Moose_Fairy_2019-2020 : Well then, you try to make something better than this!
Hamini : I absolutely luvvvvvv your design
Lauren Room 11 : I know
mia-a : Love it!
Mapleautumn : So pretty
meagen - kayley : so cute
Badgerkitten : :o :o :o
avach1 : how did you do it
MeMagicLog : Valentine’s day is not far
xx25 : so cute
ElfWanda378 : WOW!!!!!! This is awsome! The number 1 best thing I have ever seen! Tell me, who is your BFF? Just saying, this is awsome!
Izza-heart : Cute
Jahseh Onfroy : Awwww
Actyll : SO CUTE #BFF
sophie3 : i wanna buld one like that
llamacorn11 : i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trielo : Omg
p7ki : hi
shahad174541 : hi \
stum21004328 : as;icxmaoasgdjashjcvksducasdgcjHVSAasjvcxavsxuasxuvausduasouxvasouxvqsugcxuasacxjSCGCJHASUXXASXOUASUCVSAVCasvxnaNXGjsvxjhSCacVCSVXCXHXVBBVXBVXCVBXCJ
S20121063 : gReatttttt
AudreySwimForLife : Sooo good
BI_urple : Unbelivable! That's very beautiful, It has a strong meaning to friendship
stum21004328 : oubNNl ,
stum21004328 : OHXZKHaoudJANZX ASHFDVAOUDA NXFUQ asxkhfagxa dasoaam
stum21004328 : gchbvcakschuasc,sacbuasbckvd hca xsuiasxbjad
maryom123 : hiiiiii
Michael Caratozzolo! : You are SOOO going to WIN! I olove this! :)
Ecosong : Oh wow, cute imlike it!
Badgerkitten : :o :o :o
princess mezna : اععععع
shane78 : i love it to
BASMA 1233 : wow
Taylor quite : Wow cant wait to hear from you
lana332 : niceeeeeeee
sophie3 : oooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmggggggggggggggggggg cool
Sanjana.Chandramohan : Apham you are really good!
Badgerkitten : Yup
Princess Haya (life) : Awww-some!
Andrew.truck : @[-]
Badgerkitten : Me2
smacksue : great job i should show that to my best friend
meme22 : nice
Yaqoona12 : cuteeee
mello.153 : coooooL
lana332 : wawwwwwww
HaloRedBikeGreatShoe : you make the coolest things
Angelino the m and a fairy : Sssssssoooooooooo cccccccccccuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeee ;)
pandoo : I love it!’ ;.
cat 5637 : hi my name is cat 5637 ilove this
Clevercatimelda : OMG that is AWSOME!! you are awsome at this!(:
prinss : Good job
Anavale : Es ttyfdtfdfytdfttdfd
LionQuickLog4 : Con it be free?
Apham : LOL i have 3 bffs so ill have to make more xD thanks for the support <3
prinss : soooooooooooo
sonia 1592 : omg
prinss : soooooooo coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
Esenam : It looks awesome
motasem : hi
DogCleverTruck11 : Aubrey
sara aljassmi : wow in love it :)
Minh-anh : omg everyone in this game is gettin even better
XODFNXO : blsm
IanCoolJet : Hi
Miss pritty : Great job
IanCoolJet : Nice
rosa10 : كلي خرا
106ad : naice
Swervo : Perioddd
Jasmine Rosado : wow cool
sssrnh : we2ew23
Maanya.sharma1 : I love your design it shows a lot of friendship
sara112233 : i love that
HugoQuickLake : I love that
Jujuclover22 : I like your design. This could be the perfect friendship braclet. I LOVE IT!
IrelynnGreenBike : Irelynn
Stuf2012007807HappyHat : Stuf2012007807
smacksue : hi
Xxnoor_96xX : nice
Xxnoor_96xX : kjhglkhv
shaikha.h : wowo
j-alkhory : hi
ghala naser : i love it
Aarya.deshpande : Hope you win
princess mezna : واوو سو روعه
Baby Susan : Tftrfiy,g,jyhngc
Andrew.truck : @a[-]
Ndamian : Good job amy!!!!!!!!
Baby Susan : Sofhi
brhoom king : Very nice
M.F : I love it coooooool
Perez : Kvvk
galooy146 : so beutiful just put a H and G litter and it will be com so usom
TheReallyWierdGuy : Its good but can you like mine pl
mps140180 : that looks great
ShanzaMagicBook : Thats cool
sara112233 : coooool
Mrs psycho : Can you lower the price to 1 because i really want this pice it is so good
EthanCoolLake : C hbvbvbvbfgn.
TheReallyWierdGuy : Its good
mps150042 : awwww... that is adorable
unikittylove : its awsome
nadaFancySock : hhe e lflsckjvowlf d114
saxra_788 : @hebaaa[-]
saxra_788 : يعمري كيوت
9a9e2214 : i love it but i dont think that a god idea for you becos you fasce like a dengros appel
haazza86 : e98y 7awo8rfg2r8y3qoi5y72 567t743 5476ص5فغ3ض8هغاف
#meme : Hey why cant you put it free
EthanCoolLake : Nfn;jh bf g,hvfb,hfbcbnc dfbjbf v bbbvgvfhdhgfbvhdbydricbfyjcbjdbchgygdbfdybfhvudbbcdbdhvhbfufbfnfhbbbrybbydugbfdhdbddhdfbfbfbbfbbfbgbfnfmchdgfhgbcvrhfhdhfhgbb&bhfgfdgbfmhjcbg)jbch cnbchhv
EthanCoolLake : Nndnmv f
pop d.j : WOW ITS COOL
LilBroVolleyBallPro : Amazing!!!
DannaCoolBoat : Cool
_vmss5 : hi
kimmelc : WOWZA
haazza86 : eب8عغشصحقباشصمهعنض3 5ق17غف بهن لىتمزثع لتخمهشابلهنوئ\سصاب خشصا لنعسلابمهصباعنصشقاعشةبثاللاتةثسب\
Jenny ling : Amazing
mahra.y123 : nada
mahra.y123 : hi
Cute kitten : Fart thwarp
Michael Caratozzolo! : Can you pretty please with a CHERRY TOP like my design?
Love Amina : How did you do that and who is it for
Miriam wow : Love it
Apham : of course! <3
Sanjana.Chandramohan : I lovve it sooo much great job!
LaurenCleverCup : how did you make that
Progtaplayer : Hey guys iam ninja
28pattna : so wowzas
Apham : I didn't win ;w;
Sam@08 : Hi thanks guys
Sam@08 : Hi thanks guys
Amandathe : This is sooo cute
Leila rankmore : Wow wana be friends
Ndamian : Good job amy!
Adam osama : make it free
aalarcon6 : Great amy bff
eromo : good job <3
MelissaGreatPencil : Its very beautiful