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God Loves Us
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God Loves Us

30 days ago
Belive in him

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SSUU2010 : There is one GOD
Shinycat10 : Thats right he does
jana.2006 : I like it
sunnysideup : THIS IS HARAM
sunnysideup : WHAT IS THIS
JodieWhittaker : oh im so sorry that im not allowed to express my opinion
NoelS : Guys, if you dont believe in god or you have your own opinions just keep them to yourself. I love this art aubrey! Keep it up
Gita.klein123 : And im jewish sooo no crosses
KAWAIIMarshmallow : Because i say my beliefs There are other things than christians in the world :l
Luna the beagle : Im belive at god
Aubrey Barth : Then why comment
KAWAIIMarshmallow : Really sorry I am an athiest I don’t believe in God
NoelS : Im buying this
NoelS : Its SO COOL!!