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21 days ago

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Jay shawn : Djdjs
UnicornloverPurple : Ha ha what the heck
Hero memeBook : Meera
Big j0e : Hi
Snakeye : Yeah you look cute to
Sprinkles15 : Its so cute
meme 9984478 : aw itis so cute
Liv080508 : Cool
STROJAM : Ha nice
MidnightStar : !!!!!!!
said 123124 : kan y
YB CAT YURI!!! : Awww cute?
MidnightStar : I know how you did it
Water brooklyn : Pixachu use electro tackle on Tapu Kuku
YB CAT YURI!!! : Well it doesn't matter how people spell, Makers Empire PRO.
Jaythan : Nice
Dimond adoom : Wow
Dimond adoom : What
lucy over300 : Pika pika pika chu pika pika pika pika aka i like it
saleh007 : نواموت
Khalifa 12345 : Wow you so cool
saleh007 : نننننننننننن
Dragonboi : Qdeugfhiaeduhifffeiuqquhwifefhdquftqfiwfqdewifwdtiudwauk
Carrot Kitty : Sooo good!
Vbourde-gck : Cool
ZavierClever : Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
snowflakeprincess : gotta catch 'em all PIKACHUUUUU!
MidnightStar : Really cute but do you know how i can see who my followers are?
@FynnyLover228 : nic build mate
Amberrosephineox : His face is so animeish
Dragonboi : Qdeugfhiaeduhifffeiuqquhwifefhdquftqfiwfqdewifwdtiudwauk
saleh1212 : بعهقيتتهننن
Staroftheforest : OMG DA CUTEST THING EVA!!!!
Khalifa 12345 : Bey bey
IshitaRed : Hi
OtterFancy56 : SO SO SO QT
MidnightStar : cute!!! does anyone like my pikachu?
gokufastCool : cool pikachu
123123Great : good
Niklas15 : Thats talent
Water brooklyn : Granny
reem 555Book : هلا يا قلوبنا
hamidCool : fgteev is lova
RileyQuick : Yours is super cute
saleh1212 : بهنقخخخخقنقهبننهسسمسسسسسسسحثنثميمي مثميثنم
Dragonboi : Qdeugfhiaeduhifffeiuqquhwifefhdquftqfiwfqdewifwdtiudwauk
Olivia king : I think it looks adorabull and very good!!
Abram : I love it could you make a hat?
Shivonyboo : Oh my flipping gosh its soooooo CUTE!!!
Dragonboi : Qdeugfhiaeduhifffeiuqquhwifefhdquftqfiwfqdewifwdtiudwauk
AnatoleSmart : Lel
llllllllFast : اهلن
Bolly 1 : Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dragonboi : Qdeugfhiaeduhifffeiuqquhwifefhdquftqfiwfqdewifwdtiudwauk
MonkeyTruck17 : lovt
ﺰﻣﻮﻣ : مينيب
kooky22 : Thats so cute
Ahmed-798 : مة
Emilyjackx : Its so cuuuuuuuutttteeeeeee!!!!!!
Pikaboi : cool
ThAnOs1543 : What does your pikachu look like
UnicornloverPurple : I also do games
CatSock12 : 45y=pv
Dragonboi : Qdeugfhiaeduhifffeiuqquhwifefhdquftqfiwfqdewifwdtiudwauk
rainbow bird : so amazing
Water brooklyn : Pika pika
Dragonboi : Qdeugfhiaeduhifffeiuqquhwifefhdquftqfiwfqdewifwdtiudwauk
Aubrey Barth : I need help. I dont have any designs that I have off the top of my head. Mind putting some requests in the comments
llllllllFast : nhi45jyio5jyortijiyjeo6iuypoeu50u
Dragonboi : Qdeugfhiaeduhifffeiuqquhwifefhdquftqfiwfqdewifwdtiudwauk
georgia.vankints : It is so cute
MidnightStar : Cool
llllllllFast : اولاة
AnatoleSmart : Elelle
لﺎﻜﻀ0ﺠ895ﻔﻟ : اتخلأظا كهاط
Water brooklyn : Lugia
reem 555Book : البليالاالامانتهلبقثغقغانتىلاتلاعاهه
Dragonboi : Qdeugfhiaeduhifffeiuqquhwifefhdquftqfiwfqdewifwdtiudwauk
llllllllFast : اهلا
لﺎﻜﻀ0ﺠ895ﻔﻟ : ىىلة مضمئبذقب0طر31ج9حؤجقةذب4لىرقخقاؤمث
Scarlett-green : i love it ssoooooo much how did you make it? and i do know people dont have that much phones it includes me!
Rona R : Its a photo?
Makers Empire PRO : Thats not how you spell adorable
llllllllFast : ولا ول ىمل
UnicornloverPurple : Hey can one of you guys or more than one of you please check out my account designer And I also play with Pokémon cards
Winterking959 : Pica
Tashtjcool : Adorbs
abdulhmeedFancy : نبنابرتخحبخبتتتريبخبينيني تبنير
NoonaStrong : very creative
bkackorca38 : six
reem 555Book : يا حلا
reem 555Book : نبىةمنةينةشسكموي"،ِ"/،:ٍ]نمبتقهعفهانلتامبتىانملةبانمتلنتنلاةءلنكبنخقخفهححخهفخحتقهثتلقتلىقبنتلنبمنطمطمخحغجحلدحدجصحشيدسجيمرلحبكنوكىتممكاو
reem 555Book : ي ىرؤلالابيل
mira1@33 : حلو
hamidCool : jkfjkjjkihuca jkvdhjkvfjkjk bjkkb bkvbb bb vb b
reem 555Book : يل
llllllllFast : jjyiyojyo
llllllllFast : tgWE Qgil ua2d t7lVTwa8o73tq27 1478q32awbuisfnowiofjsdrhsbbngmxcn v,mxfgnktjoa3u01pi32OKOQJOIHRWUEYEHRYHUFHFNFCJDCUJSHDSJAQKQAKLSKJDSHUFH
Water brooklyn : Primal groundon
ThAnOs1543 : You spelled pikachu wrong aubrey barth
Pinkle twinkle : Niceworkbro!!
TylerGrey : 69
Dyogre : Please be my friend
ThAnOs1543 : If u like Anti-Venom search that on the outfits shop there is also Absolute Carnage
kooky22 : Soo cute
Gita.klein123 : Sooooooooo cute how did u do it!
Kanger18 : I LOVE IT!
Dyogre : Omg lets go pikachu is awesome I have aerodactyl
poppyGreat : ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so cute
Abdullah majed123 : I love your Pokémon
Devildumb : So cute!!!!!!
ZavierJet : Verry cool!!!!!!!!!!
D-z : Great
Zack123 : Cute
Snakeye : JonathanCpurple
Ooftmaster2 : I love chica
Paris.r : Sis luvs pickachu...
Sophie the Fire Fly : Pika Pika
ThAnOs1543 : I used to be a pokemon fan but this pikachu still looks Awesome
Alma2008 : 11111
lenar : bekash
Louisebasley : Yeah how did you do it
Gita.klein123 : Hey luoise can you follow me i will follow you back and aslo if you say a house desighn you want illm make it and tag you
Gita.klein123 : Louise did you follow me already?
OliviaRavenclaw : Cute!
Water brooklyn : Solgaleo
Brilliant Bella : so cute can you follow me
AckTruck : Ooga booga
Brilliant Bella : Can you foolow me because i followed you
Brilliant Bella : I meant follow
RileyQuick : We love your pickachoo
Beau_Tye : Soo Cool!
Gita.klein123 : Can you follow me and ill follow you back also describe a house you want and ill make it
Dragonboi : Qdeugfhiaeduhifffeiuqquhwifefhdquftqfiwfqdewifwdtiudwauk
Hadef 123 456 789 : Oooooohhhhhhhh
ottersock34 : 20 Wl
Amberley lim : I love pokemon I so love it Pika pika
smd : cooL
Ashleethe65th : Love it! Keep on BUILDING
moazahmed00 : so. so. so. cute
red day : That is a fantastic good job that is art I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RileyQuick : Love from RileyQuick
PokemonMaster7 : Pika Pika
RileyQuick : Hi
FlowerLocx : So cute
moazahmed00 : ooooooo
HarryRed5 : C3r
Cool Gymnast : Cute
LIGHTNINGBlue : Sick how do you make that
C.Ronaldo7 : Pika pika
HarryRed5 : I love this!!
Tbn : Jsn
C.Ronaldo7 : Pokemon gotta catch ‘ em all
JonathanCPurple : Wassup
OH YEAH!!! : amazin pikachu
saleh1212 : بعتثثههينخمحءدمق ييديييم ميينظ ثمثي ثظثقققخقيقننقنممقمظقخمخقث81234ننبنبنمب4 مببظبظتران909090
FastCat7 : Pls donate
Snakeye : Hi
Cami G : Its so cute
noneBlue : omg amazing
mam slam : bravo😍😍😍😍😍😍
leen2011 : انت بتحكي عربي
Poregon222 : Love it!!!
llllllllFast : koitoyi05
Gita.klein123 : I have an apple
Clara_letsparty : You slay bro keep on the good work
Ganemmatar : ننت
pinky girl : picachuuuu pica picaaaa
Shaikha sm : It’s so nice that is so nice with me who is doing love you so much just like them like girl for TV because 20 is so much because this is very good I wanted to do it but I don’t know it but I want to do it if the mirror or hang out whatever OK we may be tomorrow as dinner for the national dayFor us today and I so love it so much because it is you do is answer my brother I said miscommunication I don’t know what only girls is having to do it in your hair New Jersey but that is that somebody’s doing our Jews says somebody to do it right OK
JonathanCPurple : Snakeye
Snakeye : Hi
Tbn : Hi by
saleh007 : نىملاىمكنلهنناخماخاخماخماخخخخاخخاخخاخلخحبخخبخبخخلخخاهناهخلخخغخخاهخل
Gita.klein123 : Text me at 6462293310 its my real number and i will answer and sya hi
Isabella cool : It loks good
llllllllFast : للالغرفغ
Snakeye : Big joe
Aubrey Barth : Some people dont have phones
Aubrey Barth : You should take that comment off right away once you see it
kylegrivell : That is sooo good
kylegrivell : Holls a molls
Artasd : 너무 .....
OtterFancy56 : K6LU8TIH
alanoodGrey : wowilove
Snakeye : Big joe0