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4 months ago
because i love m

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elijah19 : S yumy
ClariVGG : Can i hav a bite? My mouth is watering.
Girlie : Cooll and yum
MonkeyPurpleJet99 : Yas boi
MonkeyBlue3 : I love this
tongg : Omg YUM
Alwaysthebest456 : Yuuuuuuuum! I love M so better not give me some or else I won’t leave any of it
Abby To : That looks so good ,how did you make it!
Emily ice : Wow
cool hacker : cool
Nightwing45 : Fridgen YES
VicTor blade : Yeah this looks tasty
Oteer : I like it
Hasi : Jfbfudnch
loma fairy : wow i just had to falow you
MonkeyHappyTruck81 : Next meal at Makers Mcdonalds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HypedGirl009 : I love MCDONALDS!!!!!!!!!
cool hacker : how did you make it
gr8 : YUM!
Haneen is the best : I Like it
emilybarber : Yeet
emilybarber : Mac Donalds
Smudge fatter catter : but that is a cool design
Ginger Phantom11 : It looks so like a squishy!
DogCup3 : hhe he soy swooky
Tala 5f : what is the meaning of (M)
Tala 5f : it is look like a old toy
Tala 5f : nah not really
cs643542 : yum
banjo1 : No copyright that is why the title is an m\
Glamorgirlgamer : Urrrg toooooo hungryyyy so good!BTW
MalQuickBikeMagicLake : Im guessing you’re a junk food nerd it’s amazing
FishFastChair47 : You make me hungry!
Smudge fatter catter : Eeeeeewwwwwww