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10 months ago

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Alex neko : Hmm yes and ?
Bella dance girl red cup : I am 10 in a half years old hahhahah older than u
Alex neko : Yeah @cali.lol[-]
Alex neko : Umm 10 years old why
Bella dance girl red cup : I told my friends about u and they said tell princibal and u are going to go to a dffrent school the princibal said hahagahahaa
Bella dance girl red cup : How old are u? And do not LIE
Alex neko : And yes i have a phone or were i edit my gacha videos in my channel : softword gacha life
Alex neko : Im a gacha tuber an i have 400 dollars in one day!! That is in mexico 8000 money
Alex neko : Yeah @sarax._[-]
Alex neko : And @Bella dance girl red cup[-] i am lenay i am in my other acount!! @sarax._[-]
Alex neko : Well @sarax._[-] you can be with my friends they are so funny xd if you want?
Bella dance girl red cup : My friend is going to be LENAY AND JAKE AND SARAH LUE SOFA
sarax._ : who cares
Bella dance girl red cup : U can be my friend my name is BELLA STAR
Bella dance girl red cup : Pls SARAH BLUE SOFA
Bella dance girl red cup : U tell me first pls
sarax._ : Hi lenayy can we talk
sarax._ : But I have now new friends like Lenaykk
sarax._ : In wich class
sarax._ : Rosary school
Bella dance girl red cup : U are my bff frriend i go to rosary school what school do u go to?
sarax._ : Yes gasha tuber I always see your thinks they are soooooooo fun and lovely amazing work
sarax._ : I just want to say thx for lying at me
sarax._ : Yes u lyed at me bening your BFF
sarax._ : Lenay can I be your friend I dont have any body
Bella dance girl red cup : Pls sarah my princesss
Bella dance girl red cup : Sarah can u tell Alex nicko AND LENAY TO STOP SHE IS SAYIG I HAVE MORE FRIENDS THAN ME!!!!
Alex neko : And i dont need you!, ok
Cvf.ximenacaj : Yeah me too im her friend and old this girl like @cali.lol[-] @savvy.XD[-] me @Cvf.ximenacaj[-] we are of the #lenayloversteam yeah @Lenay02 :3[-]
Savvy.XD : Yeah im with her im her friend!!
Cali.lol : Yeah and she have a sister real that love her yean lenay!!
Alex neko : And i have more friends than you @Bella dance girl red cup[-]
Alex neko : I love my life and i have old that i need i dont need more i have a pool friend food a hamter an school that need ipad and im a gacha tuber search this on google: softword gacha life boom @Bella dance girl red cup[-]
Alex neko : Like i care?
Bella dance girl red cup : Guess what i have three pools haahahaha u have none one is deep and medium and small hhahaha
Bella dance girl red cup : Stop!!! I am crying.
Alex neko : And i having me fun in my super lovely pool i have one with my friends and i have a friend that is a gachatuber thats her name of channel of youtube is gacha leah and another that she name is jochis word they are youtubers!!
Alex neko : Yeah cali is my sister @cali.lol[-] she is my sister my true sister!!
Cali.lol : @Bella dance girl red cup[-] we dont now you not all the peaple are of you school lenay me and my friends we are are of mexico and we dont now you and i the real sis of lenay yeah lenay!!
Bella dance girl red cup : I HATE U IN MY LIFE SEE YA
Alex neko : Go away @Bella dance girl red cup[-]
Savvy.XD : Yeah lenay let's go away!!
Cali.lol : Yeah let's go lenay!!
Alex neko : Dark time come on !!
Alex neko : Yeah me too girly girl
Alex neko : Do things by yourself ok!! I hate you you make me angry you of mie**
Bella dance girl red cup : Not sure hun!!!
Alex neko : Bella dance girl im not your sister ok! I dont like you makes me angry say comments on my desgnis that old the true sorry but I DONT LIKE YOU!!
sarax._ : Whats going up
Alex neko : Never talk to me ok!!
Alex neko : Ok i think that some times you only use me for my art are you jelous?
sarax._ : Cuuttte
Bella dance girl red cup : Thx pls liek