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nutella cake!
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nutella cake!

6 days ago
this one took a little longer but i think it turned out!

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2122842 : can i eat it? LOL
IZIM : You are good at creating if you were like that when you were in grade one your teacher will give you an A+
stum2016023225 : sell it your making me hungry
chyrel : oh my goood me likey
Iman reem : I like it so much
blue rasberryy : i just try really hard and focus on all the detail
Flopink : My moms friend can make that!
Leura12 : Can you make a ice cream cone? Also, how do you make such good things?
blue rasberryy : what kind of food,drink,pet,cake do you want me to make next?
suchi : there is so much detail
Youtube : Omg so yummm
teaganCool : i wish i could eat it
teaganCool : loveeeeeeeee itttttttttt!
teaganCool : I think it is to
Lapis Azuli : Its so cute!
chyrel : what im trying to say is i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
PB94842 : Yummmmmmm
lucasLake6 : mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so yuuuuuuuum
Elliaea : It WAS free!!!!!!!!
luna5056 : love it
Raina123 : Yum
Jenna.B : Yumm
itevaplays : love it
13 felines purrfect : Pls join my dress competition! You’re so talented!!! :)
JackGreen8 : Love it
JackGreen8 : Try my maze called no one can do it
HygyBlue : Thats amazing
layla the magic person : Omg i want it!
13 felines purrfect : Pls join my dress competition!
FriendlySock : Sockie Norris would love this
cup123 : Like me
SirBigglesworthII : Thats cool..! I honestly wish i could try it but sadly, im allergic to hazelnuts. :(
cup123 : Love it
Fairy Aahana : Yumm
blue rasberryy : ill try!
Holly moon : Please put it for free i love it and look at all the other pepole who love it
#1 Hermione : same
#1 Hermione : love it by the way stop making me hungry
Maker : I like nutelala
Choco Donut31 : @blue rasberryy[-]
JackGreen8 : Cool
jay jayshoe : @blue rasberryy[-]!!! Your so talented and i love nutela so much!!!
jay jayshoe : Cool i love it!!!
cheyenne 8 years old : that is so cool
Unicorn sparkel : Can you make wedding cake
Unicorn sparkel : Check out my competition
Unicorn sparkel : Hey @bule[-] rasbbery
Fer xdxdxd : Delicius
Noor salah. : How is that
AdrianShoe9 : I can just eat it right now.
trampoline2 : how you do nise
TashaL2011 : Yeah
TashaL2011 : Omg teach me!
yourmumJet : I literally wish this was a real thing
OMGOlivia : Wiw how can you build a nutella cupcake
Diegoro.,.,., : Uw U
blue rasberryy : .....
dkfortyone : I really love nutella you dont know how much i love nutella
shareef 1234 : I want to eat it now
shareef 1234 : Yummy
reem galal : hi
LANA MAZEN ❤️ : It's so beautiful
Random maddy : OMG this is amazing!
Summerleaf : i have like 20 coins so this is officially my favorite thing in my collection
dudejlr!!! : how
BTS.HOPE : My Little Tummy Can't Bear To See That.
LunaChair6 : Wow its so coooooooooooooooooooooooooooool i love nutella especialy on pancakes
Thefastpandaa : How do u do this?
Jgirlthehero : wow!
Thefastpandaa : Great now im hungry..
OMGOlivia : How very AMAZING
Alyaa3d : alyaa3d
Coco123123 : I love nutella
Alyaa3d : hi
Son7paul : Amazing
collinsBlue : Looks yummy
0088 : Hey does anyone want to join my callange ? I have cute desgins check them out !
blue rasberryy : sure but hurry and get its free for one day! :)
AliceYeet : Coooooooooool i love nutella
Yeetmaster876 : You should make the price bigger
Cxi : How did you make the cream?
Choco Donut31 : What?
blue rasberryy : 3 hours!
Que41 : Tokens
reem galal : wow
Jailbreak101 : I’m hungry now...
KirbyStarGamer8 : Im ellergic to nutella!
meerathanwa : wow!
Choco Donut31 : When i bought this, it said OH NO! I Wasted 4 dollars thank you very much!!!!!!!! BUT NICE DESIGN!
blue rasberryy : like three hours!
Supermario : Gimmy it! My mouth is watering
reem galal : how
lolz pics : it is worth at the least 6 coins nice job
POSofa7 : COOL
l lo : hahahahahahahahahahahah
l lo : hahhahahahahahahahahahah
Supermario : Gimmy it! My mouth is watering
Yeetastic : Wow
TanuCool : Nice
Shining star : Yum
Noor salah. : Wate
Noor salah. : My moth is watering
Qween of love : Yummy! So cute
Gigglebox22 : (Thats Amazing)
Gigglebox22 : Tnats amazing!
Maker : Cool so great purrrrrr miow
abigailpaki : biggest fan, how long did it take?
Stephanie56 : Can you follow EllaGHappy?
Cats_R_cool : Deliciuos
Cats_R_cool : That
Stephanie6 : First it was not for sale when i came to see your designs now it's for sale!YAY!
saintsrowfan123 : woooow
Bad babyrose : Ahhhhhh I LOVE IT NOYAHBAN
abigailpaki : go "blue rasberyy"!!
abigailpaki : Yummmy.....
StarsCool : YUM
Holly moon : Umm h-i i am new but i want to buy that but i only have 0 can you please but it for free please
AddisonFancGucci : can i have it :D its delicous, i have loved nuttella my whole life, P.S i eat it only on july 4th and Christmas!
Holly moon : AHHHHH so yummy AHHHHHH
Anderw : %10000000000000009099900909
#luigi : I am your fan
HarmonyLake : Yummy
Daniela uwu : %100
Midnight Adventure : This is so cool !
@mail.fcboe.org : OMG NUTELLA
ElizabethBlue : i love cake that has chocolate!!!!
Unikittygirl : 1,0000000000000
AddisonFancGucci : and when i eat it with apples!
Ethanox : Le truc le plus délicieux au monde!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gouhl : Same scatter rules
Gouhl : I am hungry
Gouhl : Same
Gouhl : S
Marcs : Hi tanu
TanuCool : Hi marcs
lola Xd : OMG num num ^w^
Marcs : Yummy song
TanuCool : Nice
Que41 : I love Scatter more
jake poo : how long did that take
EllaGHappy : Cool
Gabs@dance : please comment me
Tahlzy : I have nutella every week for breakfast
Gabs@dance : OMG love it (nuttellas like my favourite food)
Tahlzy : Yummmmmmmm
Stephanie6 : It looks so delicouse i wannna eat it
AliciaJet : Yummy
JoudyStrong : Yummy
AddisonFancGucci : yummeh
yellowbanana : i love nutella mmmmm
020621 : Amazing
BTS.HOPE : !!!!!!!!
BTS.HOPE : Yummyyyy
UnicornClever6 : Does it have egg but it looks yummy