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9 months ago

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Love 888 : I am friend of wolfywolf
Jojo Cute Girl : You are the best BTS& can you be my friende
FishFastLog85 : You love who your tortolito
BTS :) : Of course I can be your friend @Love 888[-]
Love 888 : You are the best BTS:) can you be my friend?
sarax._ : Hi @BTS :)[-]
fazalalamdar10 : i love you to by the way i hate bts :)
BTS :) : Hi
BTS :) : Me too I like blackpink and twice but I prefer bts
Mauri boy : I dont
sarax._ : hey
sarax._ : girl come on
SnailMagicBook39 : Can me be your girlfriend
S@slash girl#100123 : i hate BTS ehhhhhhhhhhh dab and i love black pink and twice
Jayla_pink_crayon : Vutr eoe
roro star : yes cute
Lil 234 : Awwww
Bt21 : Cute
sarax._ : me too