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11 months ago
Is a rainbow

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FishFastLog85 : Holi etoy aburrida tu me diviertes
FishFastLog85 : BTS onderstands spanish purque es de méxico asique no le traduscas etoy BTS
BTS :) : What do you try to say @Alex[-] neko
BTS :) : Hay @Alex[-] necko
BTS :) : :)
Alex neko : Hola estoy aburrida :v @BTS :)[-] @Lenay02 :3[-]
BTS :) : Yes I am from México too and I untherstand but I don't know what Alex neko try to say
sarax._ : she means your design is cool but she is talking in mixico
sarax._ : we
FishFastLog85 : Hi bts
BTS :) : Thanks!
Alex neko : Si lou se esque el hamter anda por el cuarto de mi mama y no lo puedo atrapar :v
Alex neko : Pos tu :v
BTS :) : Jajaja
Alex neko : Hola eztoy buen bodacha
BTS :) : Try to say something good about my designs
BTS :) : >:/
BTS :) : Whaaaaaaat?
Alex neko : Alv
Alex neko : Biti pato rena?
Alex neko : No entienden :v
Alex neko : >:v
Alex neko : Expliquenme
Alex neko : Que pasa aqui :v
FishFastLog85 : Perdon
BTS :) : What!
FishFastLog85 : Sorry :(
FishFastLog85 : Aaaaaaaaaa
FishFastLog85 : Dije holiiiiiiiii tipa
FishFastLog85 : Holiiii