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about 1 year ago

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BTS :) : Enserio :o
Unicorn sweet girl : She wants u to go see her later at u house
Mica635FancyChair : Yo tambien
BTS :) : Who is Ale?
sarax._ : no she is from mexico I know and were is your think for her
BTS :) : For your information I am from Mexico
Hija de capitana nucleos : You are not from mexico
BTS :) : @KAWAIINarwhal~,[-] you can be my friend?
sarax._ : and u
sarax._ : state
KAWAIINarwhal~ : @sarax._[-] omg same I live in australia too! which state/territory?
KAWAIINarwhal~ : Hi bella
Bella dance girl red cup : Same i am Bella
Bella dance girl red cup : My name is Bella
sarax._ : from Australia
KAWAIINarwhal~ : @sarax._[-] where do you come from? I know that @BTS :)[-] is from mexico I’m from Australia btw
FishFastLog85 : Be mi conversación con Xime (mas conmigo) en su nueva design esta en the newest en la galery
BTS :) : Hello KAWAIINarwhal! By second time :)
BTS :) : Yes another army. Where do you come from sarax._,
sarax._ : wait army!!! Iam army
BTS :) : Of course! we can be friends
KAWAIINarwhal~ : Cool i never knew that! Can we be makers empire and army friends?
KAWAIINarwhal~ : Haha yes there sure are a lot of armys in the world...who’s ur bias? I love all of them! But if I had to choose I will go with either Jimin or Jin
KAWAIINarwhal~ : What do you mean? Sorry I don’t quite get that :)
BTS :) : Can I see you later?
BTS :) : Wow there are many armys in the world
BTS :) : I am from México :)
KAWAIINarwhal~ : I’m an army too from Australia! Where r u
FishFastLog85 : Buelita ale
sarax._ : what do u mean by army