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wear im from
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wear im from

12 days ago
im from UAE and im prawed by the way that girl isnt me FALLOWE ME PLZ

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Lemon150 : Kafoo walla
Lemon150 : UAE
Rawan love you : Can you plzzzzz follow me iwill follow you if you follow me
Rowanda : *I’m
mohamed_7676 : هر ﺎﻣا يا ﻦﻣ ﺞﻟﻮﻗا ﻲﺗارﺎﻤﻳا ﺎﻧا ﺎﺘﺣ
Meera8Book : UAE
Rawan love you : Follow mw plz i will follow you if you follow me
meera UAE : wow i am fram UAE
s123456Lake : ووووواووووووووووو ماشاء الله
Meera8Book : I love UAE kafoo whala
coco,girl : cool, thank you
m_2jll : me 3 kafoo walla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
m_2jll : me 3
mohamed_7676 : i love you
fatma alamiri♡ : UAE ♡♡♡ me too! KAFOO walla
Cutiecorn-3d : Where not wear Because wear means like putting on a clothe But where means where are you from
ahmed saifSock : wow cool
ahmed saifSock : .. اﺮﻜﺷ
568424 : im from UAE
Khokha_2020 : hehehehe
Khokha_2020 : me 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kafooo walla kafoo
salemsaee7 : اصطوره
AhmadTruck79 : ههههههههههههههههههههه
candy cake : thanx
candy cake : great
candy cake : okay.....
candy cake : thx so much
candy cake : thank you
candy cake : .....ﻮﺷ*
candy cake : ... شو
candy cake : thanks
candy cake : thanks
candy cake : awww thx
candy cake : im from UAE and i live in it
BtsArmy0987 : I am from UAE dubia and I LOVE YOUR DESIGHN
zakariaRed : so cool
04903 : i am not from UAE but i live in it
Fatima & Sidra : انا بعيش
coco,girl : hey there i am from uae but i live in new york city, where do live .. ?
Z802 : UAE
candy cake : thank you
candy cake : thx
faisal705705 : OMG woooooooooow
stuf2013003056 : im from UAE too
nora beuty : if u r from {U.A.E} write انا
haneenFun3 : i am in UAE
BTS77 : i am from UAE too! LMAO
#REEM ALMANSOORI : me too im from uae
whitemonkey11 : welcome
532123/62 : Me Too Im From UAE
candy cake : thx i guss
whitemonkey11 : waw I am from UAE thanks
AH123456Grey : 🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪
Rayan_Game_Over : #Kafoo !
afraaSmart : so cool
726002 : nice
candy cake : thanks to u too
saBoat7 : wow is nice
candy cake : okay sure i guss
nouf friend : make like for nouf friend
nouf friend : me to
candy cake : WoW all of you guys are from UAE kfoo
candy cake : thanks
momoHappy3 : Ilove UAE
parkjimin3lovely : UAE <3<3<3 @love.uae[-]
AnfalSock : KFOOOO
awash.almusabbi : kfooo
candy cake : thanks
shamsa21 : nice
jack frosty : UAE!