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4 months ago
I can’t reply/comment anymore. After I comment, it disappears. So u can’t see me replying. :(

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Skylet TS : Sad Carol let’s see if we can help or cheer you up :)
William.night : You did!
Nanapinkgirl : What?
Michael Caratozzolo! : Don't be sad Carolz6! :(
Desertkoala : Same with me. It gliches. Sometimes it shows im not wearing any clothes!!!
hannah.gu : Maybe its just a glitch that happened because of the new update hope it gets fixed soon!
hannah.gu : Awwwwww thats ok carol
Kendra.brighton : Yeah its ok!
sarah.gu : Itz ok @carolz6[-] , we could chat through ur design description i guess?
sarah.gu : Me too