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3 months ago
Can you read it? :D

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NanaPinkStar : CAROLZ SIX!!!
12th doctor : Boom i followed carolz6 on all my accounts. Unfortunately i can only follow kawaiifashionista on this account
12th doctor : Hey kawaii or carolz or whatever. I will change my look on this account (becuase it it the most hidden of mine) and cna you copy it? Pleaaaaaase
12th doctor : Carolz can i have some tokens? Lol.
12th doctor : Carolz are you online
Crazykangalady : CAROLZ 6
Crazykangalady : Carols carolzcarolzcarolz
Desertkoala : When carolz6 has no nose or mouth. How does she eat...?
Crazykangalady : I think it says: notify, like, hear, pay coins to and love my designs. Thanks, Carolz6
sarah.gu : hehe XD
KAWAIIFashionista : Good job
KAWAIIFashionista : Be happy :)
KAWAIIFashionista : XD haha ok me too
sarah.gu : i can only read the Carol part.. XD
Emily.brighton : Nice work
Kendra.brighton : It says: Bell,hand,sound button,euro & loveheart Carol