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over 1 year ago
BACK TO SCHOOOOOL... (Feel free to buy this and create your own coloured/lead pencils!) :)

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Anime_Girl : Sorry my sister said 4eva way
Anime_Girl : Omg i realized i havent talked you in like 4eva!
Anime_Girl : Carol sorry i havent been back for sooooooo long
KAWAIIFashionista : Helooo @Crazykangalady[-]
KAWAIIFashionista : Hi @Anime_Girl[-] its carolz6 on another account
Anime_Girl : hi carol
Desertkoala : Carolz are you hereeee
hannah.gu : Im gonna do it yay :D
carolz6 : Aw thanks
sarah.gu : nah its already perfect :D
carolz6 : So tell me how
carolz6 : :D hehe
carolz6 : K
hannah.gu : Oooooh
Royal_Ninja : awesome but i think u can improve just sayin if u want
sarah.gu : cool @carolz6[-] :)