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castle made of sand
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castle made of sand

about 1 month ago

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MeiaY : Somebody copied your work.
Charlotte R : What school you from
Yebpna : ㅋ
NathanBu : Thats cool
ABUHAR : Beautiful !
Roland : Just look at "testcastle" now!
PaulC : Nice
apptest1 : سلام چه طراحي خوب كردي دمت گرم قهرمان
nanda : so amazing rhys yre an expert
coolcat : Epic castle
amy1 : wow
OliverSO : How did u make thAaaaat?
NicholasAN : Nice
Brooke7 : Great job
Brooke7 : Go and do ti
Paige7 : that is wicked
RobertCade : Awesome dude
RobertCade : Wrong it is super super AWESOME
plkcjy22 : Good
A and R : Like me too
bird.W1301091 : 一一一一一
Yebpna : wowwowowowowowowowowowowowow
w1100931 : Perfect
Charlotte R : Hi anwser
1234abcd : 能卖给我吗?
w1100932 : bad
purple-Casey : Like
purple-Casey : 完美!
Alois : Nice!
Alois : I like it a lot
Pixel -PC : Good castle
Gordon Wong : Please like me,I'll like you too
maddien : This is cool!
teague.timothy.j : awesome and sick as
loma fairy : wow musta ben hard
speedPurpleChair : how did you do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jonas blue : Hey,is very good
MiaTheDarkFairy : Keep it up i like your designs :)
Rocklan.bird : can you tell me when you will sell it to me.
KevinZiscool : Cool
Rocklan.bird : do it now.
Summer S. : Omgggggg that looks awesome
iOSFusion640 : @iosfusion640[-]
iOSFusion640 : Hai
Adeleoc : Why does people lovethis so much
Isaac.cookie9 : I want to buy it.
JaydenR33 : Why does this have so many views. It’s like the most viewed creation ever
grey-Harriet : Its hogwarts!
Will robot : Nice work
Pvt.woods : F. You
Cre8tivity : @Rhys[-] you’re such a great designer!
Adeleoc : Why does people lovethis so much
Adeleoc : Why does people lovethis so much
car.p-ca : WoW
Andrew.truck : @Rhys[-] You are so cool
ilia19 : can you put that for sale please
ilia19 : ttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttssssssssssssss aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssoooooooommmmeeeeeee
Harpo427 : @Harpo427[-]
Jontempelli1234 : Oh wow
blue.Marc : Make it free
SophieWatermelonDog : haha you didnt get 1000 likes you got 2000 congragulations :D
张颂雅 : That is a hard work!!!
张颂雅 : How do you do it? Can you teach me how?
张颂雅 : That's fantastic!
Charlie.austin : Its made of stone. -DERP-
LayanH20 : I like it
jackattack^2 : i dont see what is so amazing about this creation
HappySickHarper : I hit the 2460 like Mark!!!!!!!!
Christopher.gee1 : Soooooooooooooooooooooooo bood
JacksonBandt : make it free
Galen-train : How did you do it :)
Red Alexis : PLEASE PUT IT ON FOR SALE!!!!!,
book.Andrew : Asssssasss
27mireyaa : This is soooooooo cool! How did you make it? What material did you use?
Dulein : Really Cool
GoblinJontempelli : Nice gary
Sebastian.F.S.Cook : This is awesome as
DerpFish : Cool
Oscar room 18 : awesome
Room19Will : Good work rhys
Crazykangalady : NEEEEEEEEEED
4dPenBoy : Sweet!
green.Norman : Hithzsnc
green.Norman : Hdyiyygutdnyzvjdh
Bobby Mc Jeff : Agreed
Aaizah : Cooool
Aaizah : Great ....u will earn a great profit ...oh no i mean tokens
Leanon : Yo cool
王家轩 : 为什么不买
JacksonBandt : Make it free
tomst : Cool
tomst : Hey
Will boe : Make it for sale but for 40 coins
Rose-rain : Sweet and facinating
三1刘桓宾 : please give it to me
Lauren Claire : Gary????
Max.D-orange11 : Cool and ausome
YaiC : Cool design but its not sand(╹◡╹)
Galen-train : I love it make some more like it please please pretty please so I can like them all
DanielWrong : Can you make ot for sale?
Cruz.train : Like my’s ples
Mp.green : Sdfgh
A.K : That is really good
Laverdure : Awesome job I love your castle!
blue.Rosey : I love that AWSOME!!! castle of yours RHYS bybybybybyby
Remi.maunder : Love it
sschreiber : Thats Amasing i cant spell sry BUT OMG WELL DONE
lukcra : nice
Zacbev : you are really good
(STAFF)(ADMIN) : Hey Rhys, I wanted to ask if you are a staff member at ME or something like that, plz reply
Destruction system : So cool!
VivianTh : you must have put alot of effort into that
MarcusStawski : Awesome
MarcusStawski : AWESOM
Callum Evans : Yea cool
Desertkoala : I think i would have given up making it
Galen-train : Im speechless Njofd.kjnhgyfgyfftghktdbjfgnfwtyegnikppklkgbgsdggrwhniomhr$gjtwsfddgffi8hg)bryjgdrjuifgjvfgiyhbrtjjhrvhrddvgcajkkkhhbfefhgrdfvxsxvgrsgjki’bcdfbgfdfghbvcvnkiyjouyrgmoopiredsaqsvbjytfhkolmgedgddwfjiolkhyjbyinfesxvjmlpkhgfdcbbxsarnggjjgb
Candice01 : How did u make dis! XD
mps140193 : dx fghuiop[]
plane.Nnnn : Can iby it
Zacbev : You are are a really player
Zacbev : lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
its me : hi
DopeDood : Awesome
Oscar2018 : Thats coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
puffydoge2122 : noice
Natalia G : Omg
JackMart : thats not sand
11aiden : I hate sant
11aiden : I want to get it i want it now
king-Abbey : I like it lots
duck.Oliver : I love you
Unicorn lolipops : OMG soooooooo cool
RainbowPlays : I simply love IT!!
oakleytajtrease : cool castle but not made of sand
Kookybooku : IT IS ASOME
Shadow Creater : i simply love it !!
Shadow Creater : i simply love it !!
Rhys : whoa check it @NobleWizard[-]
Rosie.green : Cool as
Jonah.2017 : To cool for Makers Empire!
Dr.Greeneklee : u r so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nickyjam79 : I simply love it
Azhar.haider : Nicely done!
Super star Kirby : Ur*hhfgiucregunjfegnhfjrinfhfeunjgfreand *46cdd&deewhetededwetuhwdfdeddfh7and rfojibevjiobovinfieiubfeuiheffuuihffuhihfhuhieufgifhrefuvihhefivhrfuhvifhvb)i
Rishon-night : Look at me
YaiC : Perfect
Mangoanna : Omg
Lazstrike : Cooool
Amber-rain : Nice job
BaconHair : Wow!
Mia j : HEY you are sooooo talented you should be a artist in your life its just soooooo cool that you could be the world's famous artist and you could rule the world
Crazykangalady : Cooooooooooool etc etc
Mia j : Hey that's amazing it's soooooo cool I just love it
Mia j : You have2115
Zombiekiller1017 : Looks “ok”
MilesC : Cool
120053 : Cool
Misty-Cat : Wow i am very impressed
Halll : Mate just amazing
Abu p : OMG
Scarleteyes : omg
Galen-train : So close to 3000 likes
fast.Chris : You give me a idea to build a castle
Rabbit_Film1802 : Follow me at... Rabbit_Film1802
fast.Chris : Nice castle
WilliamHU : Coooool
Mia j : Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu aaaarrreee sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo talanted
Halll : Hi
Halll : Hi
CruzFI : It is 3002 bro
WilliamHU : Cooool
CN170007 : HAX
Samantha.sia : So awesome
Simst.train : Omg
A5G8 : Awsome!!!
Sally.Min1 : ㅗㅍㅎㄹ포혀ㅑ
Sally.Min1 : 야 좀 팔아라
T cooperation : Reply: Search up “vivian”
Mia- Cherry : Pleaseeeeeeeeeee make it available to buy
Cale : Mate ture MLG skill
mitchellyo : Lit dude
Kaveesha : OMG
Sarah phung : It nice
A5G8 : What an amazing castle!
aleksandarbo : Sick
Kiki -Roo : wow.........,,
ayate41 : Great
Liam H : thats so good ell done
mrand577 : ...
Turbo : I might 3d print this
khait : sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
khait : oh sick
domenico.petrulla : Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
jchav4 : I honastly could never maker something as AMAZING as that Amazing asome cool
demo_man : He's really good isn't he?
Joyce Li : Probably an hour.
Lukemasseffect : Like if you think the creator did an excellent job
Joyce Li : Actually maybe not that long. But still a long time
Master luke : Get it
Hannah13 : Icant stop thinking about it.
srama8 : I could never do anything like that!
PheasantHandler : I am reminded of Kryal Castle
Master luke : 100 comments
Crazy_KID : Woah!
mrand577 : What is your reel name
Olympic gymnast : Thats really cool
Harmony2 : Hi there
Jalen : OMG that is awesome how do u do it
Brady lampton : Das a lot of likes
Aaliyah007 : Nice
Bianca5626 : Like my design ill like yours
Luke is awesome : Sick dude!!!!!!!!!!!
Serena21 : Awsome!!
Yai : It is not made out of sand lol :0
PokemonGirl : Wait...Rhys,u said this castle is made out of sand...so why is it not yellow?But anyway,cool and great design!U ROCK!
PokemonGirl : Wait...Rhys,u said this castle is made out of sand...so why is it not yellow?But anyway,cool and great design!U ROCK!
PokemonGirl : Wait...Rhys,u said this castle is made out of sand...so why is it not yellow?But anyway,cool and great design!U ROCK!
Yai : His name is ryan i think
Yai : That is not made out of sand :D
Master mark : Well done
Cuddly.bunny16 : caption awesome lol
Selenagomez : Nice!! Please like min too. I liked yours.
Christina : Nice
car-Callum : What is that descasful disine
Kaedyn grey the awesome : F a b o u l o u s
Lcard : Cool
FaBiAn : Can i live here please
Flash123 : Ohibjibb
RoxyGem : Wow so awsome
Голод : Гулаг
bwood : sick
Maker : Ruby-
Raúl : yep
Maker : Wowweeee
Master luke : OMG
Master luke : Cool
Mr. Hovis : Thats awesome
Master luke : Hello
Master luke : Are you there
Master luke : Rhys
Master luke : Rhys
Master luke : Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Master luke : Ugfgghggfgggfgfggfgfgggggfgfgggfh
Master luke : Hhgdy
Master makers : Ufghgygggggfggghfuggggjgghugrih
Wecta : Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Master luke : Oh sick
Master luke : Whoa
Master luke : Good
Master luke : OMG
Master luke : Perfect
Master luke : Perfect
Master luke : Cool
Foxy lady : Such a cool building
Hannah13 : THIS IS AMAZING,COOL,AWSOME....!!!!!!!!!
Hannah13 : I am just going to shout it out...
Hannah13 : Can i live there? I will share it with you? Please??!!
Master luke : Perfect
Chan Cheuk Lam : Awsome design
Soho : Thats not sand
fraserm : Cool
fraserm : I know
Master luke : Wow
leddy : sweet
Naveenb : Cool
Puppylove : Shut up it's the same preson that made the sand castle
Master luke : Wow
dkleinig : doubt that
blue.Charliebts : How did you do it?
Rollo Safiy : Wow, cool
Abstar : Great design
Pearson Ninjas : Man so cool
Liam H : that looks good well done
dkleinig : thats average
netpenthe : hoooooray
Captain Awesome : Can i live here?????
James Bowden : This is still top world wow, i checked last year and it was top
Yai : You meen well done
taylorswift1 : Really awsome
lily lettoof : OMGGGGGGGG that is incredible
The Modern Gamer : Very cool
Kara : That is so awsome
FaBiAn : Omg
IsabelleO : So cool!!!
Jasmine.shoe : Cooooooood
Room13mikayla : I love this design #
DimitriosP : Hi
eliza2005.duck : NICE\
dakotar : this think is beautiful
Harmony2 : Bahahahahahahahaha
gotNoTokens : he's GREAT
iPutBeaksOnThings : WHAT NO WAY
Harmony2 : Jice going
Pearson Ninjas : Im gonna buy a 3d printer wen im older
Doodie : Awesome! :D
Water brooklyn : Cool dud
Tariana9 : How did you make this???!?? I go to your school
elina_disabled_case : I made the exact same thing
kwallis : nice job
DimitriosP : Hi
AudreyC : Does anyone here know how to follow someone?
DimitriosP : Hi
Jasmine.shoe : Cooooooool
Audrey-night : Looks real
MitchellZ : good job
MitchellZ : Nice!
Tboak : How
MaxwellJ : Why is this not for sale
Gob : This is jerry🐯i know he will get Lost in the sea of comment so pls like
Nicholas Niu : That's AWSOME!!!
Lazary : Love it can i live here lol
Isaac Bissell : Cool
TNT-Lachlan : This is plain awsome
JarrodL : Rhys its me Jarrod is it the real you?
ScoutReconTroy : Make it 50 tokens
Liv101 : Can you make it free so that I can have a copy
Da Etan : Awesome! You put a lot of work into this!
Egga : Cool put it on sale pleaseeeeeeeeeeeees
Room8Shu : yes, i am a sick man
Room8Shu : ooooooo ROASTED
27tomt : Oops.
Tariana : Do you go to BCPS ?
Angelo33 : AMAZING!
Josh05 : It looks so cool
Rhysgc : Hey guys its me Rhys my account would not let me in so sorry guys
jsdaf : HI
Emily.wotton3 : OMG super cool
armann : سلام چطوري؟
amalia : Really I don't think you put much effort in to this castle
akeat : Look up "1000 likes" in the gallery and like 10 copies will come up
27tomt : I love every thing about this castle.
27tomt : I agree that this is amazing but you should let everybody use it for free because I have -32 tokens.
27tomt : And itbis great!
27tomt : This is 100% amazing!wow!Good job!
Charlie.Leask : Epic
Mystic Mop : Subscribe to Mystic Mop on YouTube
Damian-king : You mean sand castle.DOY!
Michael Zeritis : This is so cool!!!
fish-Mitch : Thats so cool
Maker : Sick
netpenthe : love the flag
iPutBeaksOnThings : what is it
Gigillpot : Lol love the flag and so want to live in this thing
Sophie.r : Its really good.
Nell o : I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
star-Hi! : Credit to you
QasLachie : How did you make this?
GodsXRiley : Lol
Funnehcake : Cool?
Ariel Spry : cool
Djuan8 : Sick
Mystic Mop : Subscribe to Mystic Mop on YouTube
Ib popstar from pop and rock : Omg thats like amazing
SuperDasher : Oh my 😎😎😎
SuperDasher : Oh my 😎😎😎
tree.Lucas : Thats awsome dude!!!
Ugfjghmjgjj : Dooooooooooopeeeeerrrrrrr
Ruby-queen : Taylor swift1 are you the number one Taylor swift fan?because im the number one Taylor swift fan I fainted at her concert
Ruby-queen : P.s dont know why I called myself Ruby queen because im a tom boy but im 15 years old
Ruby-queen : Sweet dude keep up the good work
Phantom swag : Woah can i buy it?
Phantom swag : Woah can i buy it?
Phantom swag : Woah can i buy it?
Phantom swag : Woah can i buy it?
Macdonalds : Sick, man
Soho : Y ur printed thing hav no flag
Crazy_KID : Amazing
jasb : yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyyoyoyoyooyoyoyoyoyooyoyooyoyo
jasb : sssssuuuuuuuupppppppp
*marlie* : hwt
*marlie* : hwt
jasb : hi awesome castle bro
*marlie* : hwt
jasb : hi awesome castle bro
*marlie* : hwt
doggy.fish : really good
Samuel abood : I think this is great
netpenthe : CASTLE
Chooki_Cookie : Awesome!
iOSFusion640 : DUDE
Ciara.brighton.bird : So good !!!
XxDeVoNxX : That looks super cool
Patrickw2009 : Castle!!!!
Jamal 2 : Nice job
BaconHair : Wow! Amazing work, I love your art style!
General Horse : recked
SananSyed18 : Whoooooooaaaahhh so cool! :3
Crazykangalady : Hey giys its CrazyKangaLady AJ here. I just wanted to comment on this amazing design and follow a few people whose designs i like!
Distracting Declan : Wow this is amazing you are a professional and I love your artwork omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg this is amazing
Andy Dandy : Wow this is an old degsign...
Tboak : I cant believe this is top in the world!
bondl : Awesome, I liked it so please like the Star Scout
Superlukey : OMG
ShadleyJR : This is epicccccc
Hipih : GG This Is... SICKNESS
Marcus Stawski1000 : Awesome
finottii : I LOVE it. Can you add the rest of the walls
Tariana9 : You are cool
Shep_KTM_27 : Nice design boi i sapose it is good but of cause mine is jet and like so bye
Aubri Cespedes-blue : That caslle is so sick its better then Boba fets stuff and disines
Aleksandarbosoccer : AMAZING!
Tboak : How is this top in the world 2 years in a row
blue.蔡智立 : nice!
DEREK.D : Oh man that 1000 like goal seems so toatally unnreachable.
s014454 : Epic its awsome i love it
Oran : Looks amazing well done
Arthur.Zeritis : This is the best creation in makers empire by far. Like if u agree
tonyluke : OMG! (Shocked Face) EPIC Design!
tonyluke : OMG! (Shocked Face) EPIC Design!
Picklew : EPIC!!!!
Jenny Donut : I hope they make a back part! That would be awesome.
COOIKE SWIRL C : i ment love it
COOIKE SWIRL C : that is so cool and ilo0ve it
26lawton : I love it
Picclerick : coooool
26poston : That's soooo cool!
Egga : Teach me how to do that
Aidenlecastre : Good job man
SuperAddi16 : I wonder how long that took to make
Izzy fluff : Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gfgfgdggfgf : Awesome
Roshanrajesh : Extremely Impressive
nico diangelo : cool
Pasteingpeter289 : Super awesome!!
Evangelinelwildy17 : LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Egga : Put it on sale pleasssssssssssssssssse
TomKim100 : You are a real champian in makers empire!
TomKim : Amazing
yiğit uysal : yes cool!
901045727 : Teroble
ELLA REETHS.purple : Its rlly cool
Marianthi10 : That’s amazing
李业锦 : 好厉害
Willow tree : I thought sand was yellow but it is still pretty cool
JacksonBandt : Cool
grey-artiom.pir : am? .......................................................................................................foo foo foo foo
Highsupershifty : Is that sand Colour it yellow
iOSFusion640 : 2400th Like!!!!!
Crazy_KID : @kittyqueen326[-]
Crazy_KID : Agree with you amalia
iOSFusion640 : @iOSFusion640[-]
LaineMae : OMG
jonnytwcs : put it for sale
Galen-train : This is like da best thing in the world LOL
Cutie pie v : Your castle looks awsome
Hipih : I Like iOSfusion640 He is like Your Sidekick
Sma : Here in top there great stuff in hot theres good stuff in new......we dont look a new
rio.f : Please love,Love by Rio.f
rio.f : Can you put this on sail please?
Water brooklyn : Amazing have you made any more?
Lil fish : Awesome your cool
the power of the super man : please give 1000 likes
Riverviewman.lion : That is ccool man
plane-Seth : Good job
mailesnow814 : Wow, just wow. So cool! Have you printed it yet?
mmystirioiusmajones : COPPOPPPPP;EYER
mmystirioiusmajones : COPPOPPPPP;EYER
Abby7 : OMG
angush1 : Well you reached 1000 likes
lockdown : Cool
#EinSt€/n rules : Great job
Elijah-dark : Rhys is the creator of makers empire
XxlittlekatxX : That is awesome
Rhysgc : Nice!!
Elijah-dark : AWESOME
MS-Tornado : Cool :)
Mimi-boat : Wow that looks amazing Rhys
EYTHAN : .....
Reno : Omg it is awesome
Dylan S : :)
General Horse : recked
Room8Shu : jk its just a prank bro
Robocop050 : This is preaty good its as good as my monster house
Hannah13 : This was on the app whennyou go into app store it shows this!!!!??? That is a really cool castle. I like the flag.
Naveenb : Cool
Master luke : Jnchegfgrgjdhndhfhyyuuhghghhgggfggggggggggggggggggggggghghjjrjjsjvjhkjhjwjfkjhshejhfhsukejfhngjgiijfhghhggggvggtyhgfguhfdttyyyyhuuiiiiiik