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Rainbow maze
Animated blocks cropped

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Rainbow maze

over 1 year ago

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The cute devil : Wow amazing! This is sooo good
Mimi24 : Nice!
SeanieCute : Wow this is hard work
Mia- Cherry : Does it actually work, if so how is that possible, you dont need to answer.
Marko.wings : Goo
Black Dracula : its very very very nays.
Mude : Cool
nice kitty : i challenge you to build it
Mia- Cherry : I wish i could play it, i bought it
Mude : Oool
Emily.brighton : Secound place in not bad but I think you deserve gold for all your hard work
meeroo : omg !
shellington : i bought it it is cool
Emily.brighton : Pretty
Misty-Cat : Wow
zachary18666 : Cool
Luckgvb : Ns mk
Luckgvb : Jnjjsoi
Luckgvb : Shut
Luckgvb : Jdbduih
Luckgvb : Mxndjnkj
Luckgvb : Mxnsjji
Luckgvb : Bjxnjwjk
pcamaker02 : Love the color Lol
NatalieHo : Ooooo! Amazing job Chole! I wonder how many minutes or hours it took you to make it.
7.m8b : that is very cool amazing your incridble thats very good
NatalieHo : It is also very colourful! :)
Ama.kulasuriya : so cool!!!!!
Luck.Toh : good job
BenBoat2 : yeah your right
Sohum : Shut up
sandmanCup : its not bad.but if you have toke alot of time making that maze i will like it.hard workers improve.
Haisksoss : @LemonKat[-]
Creamy yum : It amazing