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Pokemon go
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Pokemon go

3 months ago

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Koube Shio : Yeah so this is the creator of the work, i came back to makers empires just to check it out and i never expected this trash to be up in the leaderboard. For those who are complaining about this, I simply made this for fun nothing else, i dont know if makers empire still has that feature but there was a feature that allowed you to paste a picture and make it into a design and a lot of people used it cause it was actually fun. So for those that are complaining about wanting to block me and report this, go ahead, your basically reporting me for having fun creating something i like :)))
Jgirlthehero : we still have the paste thing tho
AlmahaCool : sub
DJ BEARHappy : …
stitchSofa : nice one
Levipizza : that was long, but it's good
Audrey A : I love Pokemon!
adunn : Omg a water type digimon
DestinyCookie : Wow, long speech. If I could give you points for the longest speech, I would.
kelcieQuick : how is it fun yo just take a picture and put it up there.
MonkeyClever68 : Cool!
Alexanderroom132019 : the game is dead
SoccerBook : I like this one
BlokkitPlays : I know how
87087087 : good
Dragon man36 : Koube shio is too long
d0m1nick : Nice
Eldar6784 : coolfdhgf
Xx-Its me not Alia-xX : ur laze lol
Xx-Its me not Alia-xX : ok.............
Mcd@wg : .
Mia.chen.green : Wish i could be as good as you
Mia.chen.green : Great
Ash ketchum no 2 : So good
NatalieHo : I love this design
DeliX : Cool
MaxmellofanJRW : I play pokémon on a phone!
New mag3000 : Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!,,!z,!,,Z,,,
connor caruso : I shur Lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pokemo0n
Sutingpigeon91 : Which version?
BennoFancyBook : geez, stay positive
Raneem 5/6 : nnnnnniiiise
Stun mata flex : Pokemon is my favorite game
BirdPurpleJet84 : Coooooooooool
mynameisrobut! : yeet!!
Aritro : Photos
MOHAMED12345656789 : يا عرصة يابنت الكلب
Hija de capitana nucleos : Really long
RoxyPe : me love pokemo!
hunter10 : this is copy right
Olivia happy : Beautiful!
alexGreatJet9 : thats amazing
Sarah Moore : Cool!
NiteFury8871234 : copy-paste=copy-laze
PenguinDOG 1000 : DUDE! too much!
oliviahayman : Keep it up
landonba : does antbody know if this is true
عبادةHappyLog : ل نبن
Mufaddal : vfbbffdv I will waste space
彩虹上的奇迹1068 : Hmmmm......
KPSMaker10 : loooser
dybalafnforlife : loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong story
mps160011 : She
mps160011 : He got it off the internet
noormoayad5e : but thats right
noormoayad5e : you are not the creator
DanTDMBlueCup : To long
oliviahayman : Its good i just brought it nice work
Isaiah Crrisafi : From t
Andred : Pokemon go pokemon wii
Mandy2w : Mhm
Isaiah Crrisafi : The internet
Mude : Yes coollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
loma fairy : so cool
Shelly.Chen : bad
litte one : I LOVE IT COOL #1
KAWAIINumberblocks : @Shelly.chen[-] WHAT DO U MEAN
XXGAMERXX_579 : pecomon ha its good anyway
mayasdash : Soooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooood
MakerrekaM : Thats right
DeanCleverLake : I now how he did it he went into the fotoes neer the takawae buton and build buton
Mude : It is good
beutfull girl : good
Elke Hodgens : how do you get pics????
xxxvegoldxxx : Oooh i like this pokèball, chloe_wang
Koube Shio : No one said it wasnt a photo
Koube Shio : Excuse me its a she not a he
Koube Shio : Yeah its just a photo
chloe orio : WHAT MY NAME IS CHLOE
CatFunTruck9 : You took a photo
Mohammad.Abbadi : It looks like you just got an image and put it there
Computer-03 : wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Ivy Angel1234 : Whatttttttttt
JeffFunBoat : @Rhys[-]
JeffFunBoat : @Rhys[-]
JeffFunBoat : @Rhys[-]
Rihanna.kerr : This is kinda cool
KPmbns : This is great.....but i do not like pokemon
Timothy Kwok : Pokimon
Pixel -PC : Badddddddddddd
Smart cookie fancy : Amazing keep it up
Smart cookie fancy : So cool
Jayden Ko -_- : ITZ A PHOTO EVERYONE CAN MAKE DIS!!!!!!!!! (In blockers)
SiFig : Nice!
Angus18 : i love it
Angus18 : oh my god
Disara : This is a photo
Marvel girl : Cool
Sarah phung : Cool!
Maker : i dont like it but its AWESOME! :)
jo.sua : I agree
fast.Chris : Is that from an app
ChloeDragon : I love the design and i have the same name as you in real life!
Kaik Learb : Enzo
PENNYLOLR : lame....its just a photo
Lets be cats!!!!!!!!!! : Omg i love pokèmon go
Candice01 : But its still very AMAZING XD
Candice01 : You should do a blue and red one! :)
Galen-train : I think it looks better from the bottom
Chanelle.Brighton : I dont like pokemon but this is cool
Egga : Thanx 4making it 0$
Ceilidh welsh : Like my photos please
HagridFire99 : cool
Shereen : How to do that??? Really GOOD!!!
Max-fish : that is cool
room21ic : I love pokemon go
Charlie-t : Good job
truck-ashton5 : neat
Jacob.truck : I PLAY POKEMON GO!!!
Mimi-boat : I don"t like playing pokemon go but this is cool
Harvey.fish : Nice
Caydenprotzman : great
Caydenprotzman : amazing
QasAmaru : you have to copy and paste from the internet
Izzy fluff : I love pokemon
Jad3 Chai : Love the name
Diarea : U did not make that
khoi do : what the :(
Mahir sampat : Dope
Rocklan.bird : vvug j hibph o ug8ygoyycyiiciyfv6y9v
grey-Harriet : I LOV POKEMON GO
Isaac Pugliese : SO COOL
DrAgOnFoRcE098 : i play pkemon go every day reply of bladeinvader24
Bladeinvader24 : who plays pokemon go anymore
tree-Patricia Calado : he selects a pic then blocker makes it for him/her
Keira11lol : Lol
Bojinchen : I like it very much
Monkey Mabel : Love it
Harrison (Harry)D : This is so cool how long did it take u to make this
tbevi6 : I have it
Harrison (Harry)D : What do you mean you have it
QasAmaru : five seconds
Alex5h : Nice
Zoe Hibbert : Awesoome
car.Travis : I love video games!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cottage5th21 : Nice job
Master luke : Perfect
Dan-The-Man : neat
RobertCade : Cool i guess (i know how you did it but i wont tell)
RobertCade : Deleted my comment didnt you
plkcjy12 : No good but no bad