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10 months ago
@Whitchcat for saying i should do this.

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Luna the beagle : I love pets 2 to its better then @ToyStory4[-]
ClariVGG : .
ClariVGG : .
ClariVGG : Look ip Giget and youll find it.
ClariVGG : Shhh! You will find out. Hehehaha!
ClariVGG : Have you seen Pets 2? I might do somthing about it too.
ClariVGG : Me too! I cried a lot at the end though.
ClariVGG : It came already.
ClariVGG : Thank you @Build Detroyer[-] !
Build Detroyer : Nice Job clari
JodieWhittaker : Awesome! I loved toy story 4!
NinjaHero585 : Toy Story 4 is coming up!