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Ice cream
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Ice cream

8 months ago
The best ice cream ever.

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Luna the beagle : Its making me hungry
Luna the beagle : Its making me want eat icecream
ClariVGG : Lol!
loma fairy : your desings are supper look at em every day!!
ClariVGG : Ty!
salwa23 : good job...nice
ClariVGG : Nice! Audrey smart girl.
Audrey Smart Girl** : What i don’t get it. Am i being rude or nice!
ClariVGG : Howd you like it @Audrey Smart Girl**[-] ?
Audrey Smart Girl** : Yeaa hope sooo!O
ClariVGG : .
ClariVGG : Lol! I hoped so!
NinjaHero585 : I bought this for free and it tastes delicious!