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6 months ago
4 Mikaylapinkpop my bff.

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Luna the beagle : @ClariVGG[-] Hi dont talk to you long time do you want be my friend still?:(
Luna the beagle : Hahaha
NinjaHero585 : Ok now there’s fine One more thing:can you make your avatar a little bit easier for me?You know I’m not the maker who can make people.
NinjaHero585 : Whaaaaaaatttttt???!!! My iPad can’t even look wat you looks like!
Luna the beagle : Can you make me @NinjaHero585[-]
Luna the beagle : Please make me realy want be one of design please
NinjaHero585 : Nice! P.S:DON’T MAKE ME!!!
Audrey Smart Girl*** : Can you do me please
Mikaylapinkpop : Thankyou
ClariVGG : Ok
Luna the beagle : Can you do me ? Please.
ClariVGG : Lol
ClariVGG : Cool!
Build Detroyer : Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Audrey Smart Girl*** : @MikaylaPinkPop[-] is my BFF from schoool!