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Pink dyed sheep Minecraft pics ( series )
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Pink dyed sheep Minecraft pics ( series )

10 months ago
I dyed it pink... cool, right?

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xxRosie_the_gamerxx : bro cool. I play minecraft to ima pro fyi. btw whats you skin?
ClariVGG : I even had to like my own designs for it!!
ClariVGG : Why dosent anyone like my Minecraft pics series? I thought everyone would like to see what im doing everyday in Minecraft.
Mgorma01 : Pics
Mgorma01 : I love your minecraft
MOVIE MAKER : min craft reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
ClariVGG : Ty soossoossosoossosos mucho! ( mucho is much in spaish i know some of it )