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Rainbow Dash
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Rainbow Dash

about 2 months ago

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ClariVGG : Thx.
Audrey Smart Girl*** : My SIS name is called Ava
ClariVGG : Xoxo
Luna the beagle : Hi @ClariVGG[-] thanks for Luna the beagle XOXO
Alolofahapehepehe : it is so cute, BTW im following you, can we be friends, you can call me Alolo for short or my real name, Ava. BFFs?
lujain haitham : w9oooooow
ClariVGG : Ava
ClariVGG : Mmhm.
ClariVGG : Yeah.
Audrey Smart Girl** : Hi mumma
Meera jasim : You know Rainbow dash right?!
Meera jasim : So cool You are just Like me I love waching mlp