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What should i turn into next?
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What should i turn into next?

8 months ago
What should i turn into next? Say in comments.

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albertoElPro : like jurasic world?
Luna the beagle : Beagle i make all clothes for all clothes named ClariVGG
ClariVGG : Plz say fox next!
ClariVGG : And now im a unicorn :)
Audrey Smart Girl** : Yay lobsters
ClariVGG : Im now just a regular girl, as i was when i started.
ClariVGG : Lolololol!!!
NinjaHero585 : ......
ClariVGG : A “ No idea “. interesting. Ill look into it! Im thinking... a regular unicorn?
ClariVGG : Im oficcaly a lobster lolol!
ClariVGG : Lol! Ok... ill try and make some lobster clothes lol!
NinjaHero585 : Turn in to a...... No idea......
Audrey Smart Girl** : Ummmm. A LOBSTER i think (MABEY)