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lele pons

8 months ago

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PRINCEES BLUE : folow me i folow you
Xxxpinkiexxx : I love this design but its copy writing ur getting stuff from queen-
Maker : whos lele pons?
Leila31N : I love it
Agenor : My prices are good and the stuff i have are cool and follow me and when i reach my goal of 100 i give awesome stuff for free
Agenor : Follow me i give stuff for free if i get my goal of 100
NicoleLB7Log : Oooooo
Sofia. com : Natalia it's me Sofia Davis i love it text me and put Sofia.com put that OK
飯團吖~ : 還不錯
unikitty emmy : Yeah
Bryce Moore : i love the hair and outfit
Lorette : yeah
Leahara : i folowed you wish somone would buy my stuff and follow me im Leahara
LostHellBoy : so hot
AVA+LILLY : oh wow i am go to buy it
Fer12 : wowo
KenzieTroutman : i love that! how do you do it?!
QueenVai! : Thanks for buying the hair dress and pomegranite and crown
MelodyKitty : yeah stop getting queen vai stuff and copying it and editing
Lisssidn : Hi good job!
leonelaFun : leonelaFun
leonelaFun : fvfvgbyhynybfcszazA
Snow123 : ?
coolgirl88 : how to cr3ate
coolgirl88 : wow
adilene2008 : That looks hard to build
Noodlesohs : stop selling Queen_Vai stuff. please consider to not do that Queen_Vai only do it for good thing
Noodlesohs : number one Noodlesohs company tell you to stop selling Queen_Vai things by Noodlesohs Community.
blue snow queen : love it
unicornj4 : another pic!?
unicornj4 : can u send me your name so i can like your pictures!! Plz
unicornj4 : can u give me
unicornj4 : love it how do u do it?!?
love dogs : i
linny.com.au : how do you get the so so so so do so do do do do so cute eyes
linny.com.au : I love you so much
lunareclipsespace : lele pons so cool
adilene2008 : That is cute
sami133 : thats nice
Alwaysthebest456 : so prety, i don't know how people can make these with the special effects
3QZY6T3A1G Q45IBIMPAO2YIXCCCVYIC24 : i lovet it so nice
Keivanys : kevianys
Keivanys : kevianys
abdinoor : Eunice
jana123Cool : good
Valentina Mora : WOW lele
sweet hart girl slay : thank you for that you said
sweet hart girl slay : we are nice friends
sweet hart girl slay : you are nice
sweet hart girl slay : you guys are nice
Fatma shehab 3h : very good
MelodyKitty : what do you mean .
roriclaire : i apsolutly love her
OG gamer : yo 5+5=10
suttonel247@rssed : OMG! I AM SO SORRY, julia ! I did'nt read it all the way:(
emilyClever5 : amazing
lil_kitten_sis : beautiful Amazing GRAVO!!
me yay : love it
DaylaShoe : Kyra
TanzinaK : these people are copycaters
Tue Minh : great
QueenVai! : thx for buying my design the eyes are amazing!!!
chloeBook6 : so pretty
Galexy star 02834 : i am wearing your design as my avatar
khawla khalid3fPencil : It's very nice vip
Superman321 : nice!
065sjr30 : this is amazing i watch lele pons al lot
enabanana : that art is amazing
JuIia : My comment was saying it to rose_cuteheart...
Ice papper : i love your desien can you please send me your name and i will love all ofyour desiens and can you please make more peaple i love your desiens. can you please coment on one of my desiens ice papper.
Gacha499 : cool
IvyCool : ivy jett mum dad nanee popee gandad070070
isabell_oxox : i made this costume first
MarianaBoat : mariana 1
Coco.green : how? why? huh? why is it copy write?
noorsalah : it is the best
JuIia : Your description isn't right, you said "I like making people happy" and you're not making this person happy or anyone else. So please, keep hate to yourself, thank you :)
amykitty : nice
ava the queen forever : hisididij8e8db8rhrbrribruh
ValeBike : Hola
rose_cutehearts : hahaha omg thats for babys kid grow up and stop acting like a big girl and because thats for kids kido hahaha:.D
maryam123Lake : yousef
maryam123Lake : maryam
#BloodMoon : adorable◕‿◕
isabell_oxox : beautiful copy wrigt
Paula Sap : Omg is teh best how you do the eyesss
mayri : ¡esa creasion yo la ise!
GretaMagic : guauuuu
Moonlight_demon1234 : OMG SO CUTE #LELE PONS
alis.hopo : OMG!!!!!!!
nataliaRed : natalia
1234anne : I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cool Crystal's Cave : That looks so pretty
DemonFire : i see it i like it i want it i got it
tzfztfdse3gugg6z : hgfgtreae2ft
queenbee41683 : omg thats so adorable
yoyoFancy9 : hhekjfgjrwjjhwefrrfhjkjrfreghuk
yoyoFancy9 : Aaliyah
NoufSmartChair : I wiss I was you
NoufSmartChair : you are so petty
NoufSmartChair : you are
keke1234ace : so cut i just bout it
princess ina : wow
902017116 : she mexican
902017116 : aww lele pons
saragood12345 : h ,m,,m kk,jl,mnlkjj ,mnlkjoiu9 ,m.lkoi9 ,m.lkjoi ,mnnkj nmjhkiu mnjkiu ,mnlkjiu ,m.lk ,mlkoi bvchgftr.,;lkpo90 bvgftr lk;poi bvnhgfytr
SUPER HERO MEME123 : grlkpijgsfjbihu
SUPER HERO MEME123 : ko[ffjip;jndavjn;jbe
SUPER HERO MEME123 : jiojhf;jkhdfa
SUPER HERO MEME123 : hj;sefdhu'ohefg'
MelodyKitty : you have such amazing talent, lele pons
MelodyKitty : yeah it looks like real life!
annatheunacorn : love it amazing
famenco : El precio porque están muy caros que hago soy Camila Guadalupe Ríos Enrique el que lo haya hecho déjame los comentarios al eBay
Andearajones : cuuuuuuute 1 throug 10 it is a 1,000,000,000
Ivy cool : SOOO CUTE
QueenVai! : cutie!!!!
WhiSofa : Lele Pons is free
Ivyshay : Where did u get the hair pieces?
kate ryder : sweet!
Dice Dragon : I love how good this is :)
destiny.v : @ayy.desti[-]
Galexy star 02834 : wow can u make a unicorn like that so i can buy it it is really good it even looks like u
IcelandHat : So how did you did that it is so awsome i cannot put my eyes away
suttonel247@rssed : HEY! rose_cuteheart! STOP! I like it! If u don''t, then don''t say anything! u 2 julia!
AlinaM : that winking eye always looking at me!
Galexy star 02834 : can i please follow u
Alwaysthebest456 : it looks like it should cost $1,000,000,000
Alyssa itszz human : omg its so good
Dana Ali 122133 : hhhhhhhhh
IcelandHat : That is so cute and what is her name
MandyChristine : eyes too GIRLY
Sting ray : um ok
MarianaBoat : mariana
isabell_oxox : beautiful but it is copy wright
NaturalSerpent : Wow I love it! :)
Lol57654 : Omg so good
SUPER HERO MEME123 : jj8hy-7tfauji'he
suttonel247@rssed : I have those
vjvnb : ok
Stlye lover : Wow free
linny.com.au : I really whant your cotume so badleay plese
wonderful virus 2.0 : make it a lower price please make it free
Isabella. : Lol
linny.com.au : how much does the cute eyes cost how much ciens
stawberryFun : chchff
531cms24 : yas
27ajcrawford : its pretty
linny.com.au : l think so to
nnnnnnnnnJet : yo ya la tengo mmmm.......
wil0033 : bgmjfg
zanyeu78 : I. LOVE. YOU