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My bedroom
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My bedroom

6 months ago
Nice and cozy!

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MiaTheDarkFairy : cute mini room!
Fortune ball : Sure i am so doing it now
a loser : you have a room?
Cythemoose : Do y’all want me to make the rest of the house? Reply in the comments!
karoleen9 : it is a cute one
Cythemoose : Why wouldn’t I? I mean, C’mon
Cythemoose : Uh..... Ya?
Cythemoose : Yay! Thx for the likes! I’m so happy for the success! :3
Cythemoose : Thx reman
JodieWhittaker : oooooooo i lieky :)
reman : Aww! Its like a tiny pixelated bedroom!
Cythemoose : Thanks for the like