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Fell sans
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Fell sans

over 1 year ago
Oh he is kinda evil. ;)

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maha.775 : i love soooooo much!!!!!
Dana33 : i mean say
mxwery74 : yaaaay thx
mxwery74 : of that AMAZING design y make
Dana33 : :D Thx!
Dana33 : sure!
Dana33 : what secret?
mxwery74 : hey can y do the Iraq flag
mxwery74 : tell me your secret
Dream$Nightsahde : I am in love wuth your art ;(
Dana33 : well thats complicated to answer but u could sat I have talent plus u also has talent ur designs r awesome!
Dana33 : Thanks!
mikayla2004 : are you army
mikayla2004 : i am army and my bais is jimin
mxwery74 : wow that is soooooo cool
Minh-anh : Wow
mxwery74 : awww thx a lot but your designs are much better than mine
Leen_BL : You have an amazing drawing skills!
jackman1 : nice work
AlexSmartLog : Te amo DAna 33 te Te casas conmigo me llamo alex
Frisk the human : He is evil. HE SAYS BAD WORDS! xD
Frisk the human : AWSOME