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over 1 year ago
The electric mouse that is very lovable, Pikachu. Also, very cute.

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Shadmanking : thats so cute and cool
ScottStrongLake : Please make it free
BowiePencil : pika, pika!
BowiePencil : cool as
Anna blue : Awww cuteeee
Digital Hourglass : Thank you!
Chase Pug Man Kern : Pika Pikachuuuuuue is cool
Jason LimFancyCup : Cool cool cool cool cool cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll gooooooooooood cool Very good
Digital Hourglass : Everyone please check out my Mario!!!
Digital Hourglass : I made it! I made all my designs with just the basics shapes. Well, except for Meta Knight's cape....it's made from a mountain that I squished. Lol. I just finished Mario....please check it out!!!!
duck.ava : hey where is popstar livi
Digital Hourglass : He hasnt been battling much so he's gained weight in the off season. XD
Powerade : Amazing!
lachie cool cat 3 : pikachu
Thedevilcat : Why is he so fat?
Digital Hourglass : Buy the Pikachu? Lol, no I made this. I make all my creations using the basic shapes selection box.
Digital Hourglass : Lol! I know, I'm just razzing you. ;)
Digital Hourglass : It was actually harder than my Meta Knight. I mean it was easy to do but hard to try and figure out the right shape for the face and head. My first face was okay because I was trying to make him look chunky but I decided to change it because it looked too chunky. You can buy the design and take it apart, then just press the undo button to put everything back. This way, you can see how it was done. I just use all basic shapes but obviously had to modify them.
KileyTheAwesome : So cute
Mno : superb
DogGreatBook4 : I love pokemon! So omg
Digital Hourglass : Its okay, not everything has fans.
book.ANDERS WIDDING : Nice pikachu
Malek.Happy : Did you buy it
Malek.Happy : Stop copying awsem memo
Malek.Happy : W Wl W W Wwlwjwkw
Shell32342 : Good
Rtfhsjufuyuytyt : Gkgg hfdgjufdxigngk’dharysg DjfgdsklkhdfsaF’kfsodhspklsdhf
BirdPurpleSofa4 : How did you do that
Digital Hourglass : I used to
DawgRedTruck : Pokemon is still cool even for older kids and adults!
Xxxtentacion123 : Just playin nice one though
TigerGreatBoat5 : Idon't like pokemon.
Mariamk : How did you make it!
Jeaannot77 : Good
MariaGreenBoat : Mariana
Asish : very nice
Digital Hourglass : If you buy a design, are you able to pull it apart?! I've never bought one from anyone but if you can, you can pull it apart and see how i made it.
Digital Hourglass : Nice try! It's a sin to lie you know that right?
Digital Hourglass : Thank you! I used to play it alot
Digital Hourglass : Yes, I still like Pokemon!
Seth martin : So cute
RaphproXtheking : This is acually really good do you play pokemon go?
RaphproXtheking : This is acually really good do you play pokemon go?
star-Moo : Wow how did you create pikachu?
Digital Hourglass : You are now president of my fan club! :-)
FishCoolLog97 : OMGGGG
Awesome memo : Love it
Strangerthings0108 : Thats so cool and cute I love the character
Darkpulse : I like pokémon pikachu thats so cool!!!
FLETCHDOG19 : This deserves 1,000 likes! We can do it. I liked
Digital Hourglass : I changed it
Digital Hourglass : Pinsers aren't very popular but I may consider it.
Digital Hourglass : I edited the face to make him look thinner but still chunky'ish. That way he's still cute.
flashfortnite : wow hoa
flashfortnite : hi fff
Itsuki : I like this! Do you like pokemon? I like pokemon. From Itsuki
It's Wednesday My Dudes : @It's[-] Wednesday My Dudes
Rediculous : Thats awesome
Hon cho lap : ??A day
EnzoFunJet : poo
DogMagicCup9 : @dogmagiccup9[-]
TigerFancyJet1 : @dogmagiccup9[-]
Aviana : Make a pinser please.
Samuel.truck : My name is mortal moose
Unicorn Elim : Hey Alyssa!
DogMagicCup9 : Its soo fat mon why u did that to him
FishHappyCup45 : @dogmagicCup9[-]
FishHappyCup45 : @dogmagicCup9[-]
FishHappyCup45 : @dogmagicCup9[-]
DogBlueLake56 : [c][9E58A2]@dogmagiccup9 [-][/c]
DogBlueLake56 : @dogmagiccup9[-]
Pugfast : Pugfast
Qxcbnhg : Cool I like it
Digital Hourglass : I wanted to make Pika chunky to try and make him as cute as possible. Lol
Raiders408 : Sup cuties
MarcusQuickSofaSmartHat : 10 out of 10
Onchao : Que kawaii
Forax : GG
BirdCleverBook8 : Felix
DogMagicCup9 : Hai
Tjc : Boooooooooooooooooooooo
DiabloMagicHat : Esta vonito
Desertkoala : You like Popularmmos? ME TOO
CatMagicSofa2 : Thats ok
Matteo sanchez kelly : Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!
Vírties : No es sierto bueno si es verdad
Silver pearl : Cool
Wacko28FastBikeCoolSock : @wacko28fastbikecoolsock[-]
Unicorn Elim : Oooh,i like your designs very much!
Digital Hourglass : How much can you afford?
Digital Hourglass : You can always buy it and take it apart to see how I did it! Lol! Theres no way that I can explain how I did it though. I'd have to do a video of it. :)
Jazzyw100 : love this pic but you lower down the $price
Goofball : Awesome!!!!!!
habteMagicBike : Thanks
BelindaFastLog : You cheek
Unicornstarstruck877 : How do u do that
TSM- : Ga
Zara7890 : Cool!!!!
Charlie9er : How
NormaBlueShoe : Wow! My name is NormaBlueShoe
shadow tubby : i love Pikachu
Digital Hourglass : Thank you Makers Empire for mentioning my Pikachu on Twitter!
duck.ava : cute tell me u made it
Badgerkitten : Woah
Badgerkitten : Wha.........
OscarRedBike : i. lik
Unicorn Alyssa : Cute pikachu !! Do more pokemon
Divi : Its fat
Unicorn Alyssa : I think the face is a bit weird!!
Felixmarquez : That is cool
Samuel.truck : Darkness
Animal girlCoolLake : Thats soooo cute
NormaBlueShoe : All your desings are so cool!