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Meta Knight
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Meta Knight

over 1 year ago
The swift, dark sword-dueling warrior with a giant ship is looking for a challenge!

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OtterMagicLog3 : @Digital Hourglass[-]
Digital Hourglass : Thank you so much, I really appreciate your recognition! If you get a chance, check out my Youtube Channel. I'm on that a lot!
OtterMagicLog3 : Digi, I am going to shout you out because I think you are worthy, if you know what I mean
Digital Hourglass : Thank you! That actually sounds fun. Please comment on my Mario design when you have details or know what we should make. My Mario has fewer comments and a newer comment won't get lost like in all the Meta Knight comments.
OtterMagicLog3 : Hey Digital Hourglass, I love your designs and I would like to have a build off with you on Dec. 31, 2018. Let me kniw how that sounds. -OtterMagicLog3
Digital Hourglass : Everyone, please check out my new Mario!
the dood 2.0 : cool desin
Digital Hourglass : This is just regular MK
StanFastChair : So cool
De creeper : Wow, just, wow...
zailan : the sowd is cool
FlofyQuickCup : Buububu
SamCoolBoy : Cool
Pikachou : This is the super smash bros ultimate??
Digital Hourglass : Thank you!!!
Anna blue : I shouted you out so hope you get even more likes
Jet 104.4 : Sick
Digital Hourglass : Not really hard , its just took a really long time.
Jet 104.4 : Cool
Digital Hourglass : Thank you
Digital Hourglass : Lol. Read my comments to get this for free. :)
Digital Hourglass : Thank you. I love art
Mickey bross : Ouah so a crack very good
Digital Hourglass : Read the comments please. ;)
Digital Hourglass : He's still my fav on SSBB
Digital Hourglass : Read the comments. :)
Digital Hourglass : Its under my Makers Empire name, Digital Hourglass.
Digital Hourglass : 491 Subscribers now guys! I should be at 500 this weekend and I'll make it free for 1 week. After that, you'll need to sub to my Youtube channel and comment so I can make it available to you. Thanks for the nice comments guys. I love playing with Meta Knight and Kirby on SSBB!
Digital Hourglass : 3-4 Hours! Lol
Ivy Angel1234 : hey please i need money give me 31 bucks
Mega_Meta : Ima buy it mostly because i love meta knight btw great design
DenizHappySock : Just a bit more dital
lion.Lucas4 : Cool,dude
DenizHappySock : Like its mega night my favrote
DenizHappySock : Very good
Pigacorn : Lmao im serious
Rhys : he was my favourite on smash bros
flashfortnite : cool
M@x : Was that’s very hard to do that’s
9907799 : COOL!!
Digital Hourglass : Buy what?
HP/ Harry Potter : Awesome!!
Ryan.yeungMagicHat : Make it free please
bugglo : whos gonna get super smash ultimate on the switch!!!
M@x : Of course
Pigacorn : Tyyyy
Badgerkitten : WOAH!!! AWESOME!!!
Digital Hourglass : Thx 4 checking out my channel! So, I thought about doing a speed paint, but I need a way to record my tablet...
Mia j : Please oh please could you put this on free I will do anything
NormaBlueShoe : You are a very good artist!
Je suis ton pere : Very busy
NoaezraGreatSofaFastBoat : Did you buy that???
Shazam_Magical : Realy good
Dragon ballFunChair : Cool cool
NormaBlueShoe : You are a very good artist!
he needs some milk 2 : wait is that a america flag?
he needs some milk 2 : thought i saw a flag
Smudge fatter catter : READ KIRBY COMMENTS!!
Dragon2 : Wow! This looks amazing! How long did it take?
flashfortnite : so realy coollike money$$$$$$$$$$$$$$&$$$$$$
Glenelg : Im in school
Kingbad706 : So cool i love it
Digital Hourglass : Its free for right now until Nov. 28th. Thanks for your comments. After the 28th, I think I will make it available for cheaper because so many makers like it but cant afford it.
Digital Hourglass : Sure. I will lower it to 2 coins for 1 week when I get 500 subs on my Youtube channel this month - I'm at 487 right now as of November 18, 2018. Just be sure to pay close attention to my channel. After that, it will go back up in cost. Thanks for checking out my creations!
NormaBlueShoe : Very cool!
Pigacorn : Whoa thats a lot of coins XD ! Can u like lower it to like 2 coins?
RolandTest300 : You should do a video like your speed-paint ones of a design like this
RolandTest300 : Nice channel... good job on the spelling bee ;)
ZEZE_ : Very good
Digital Hourglass : Hopefully, I will!
Pikachou : WOW !
Pikachou : Je suis presse pour le new smash qui va sortir !!
Blade_Burner : Awesome
nightslasherCool : That is worth it
Shadmanking : that definitely cool
The Warrior : Very Cool!
Cruzdoggy : * Im speechless WOW wow wow wow wow wow im gonna buy this. Thats so amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Who agrees?
Pikachou : Okey
Sonaht : Wow!