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Bee on helipad
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Bee on helipad

over 1 year ago
Cause it has a landing space for a bee, it also has a bee and trees and a water hole and much much more

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Destroyer007 : Hello
carolz6 : Smart hey
Lachie5678 : Hi
Dove Cui : Very creative with the bee desrve to win
Mia j : Cool
carolz6 : Um. I have a question taht eveyone could answer. Who exactly is the winner?
Amos chow : Good
Oliver brook : I love it
Tontoo : Que puuuuutoo
Lachie5678 : Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
ChickenCoolSock : Tu eres uno
OliviaSmartTruck : Esrteasd
AlexGreatChair : Very good
Suummer : Up
Erin fancy panda : ask the help bot
jaydenCleverJet : Really?
Destroyer007 : Like the one
reen6 : dfv
Darkfairy : wow! so awesoem! It's me Darkfairy and i would like to announce that this is so cool! great ideas for this design i think this just should be in a-
AlexM2019 : How do you get the hair
Darkfairy : -first place design! hello too! btw does anyone play roblox? If u do does anyone play mining simulator by obscureentity and rumble studios?
Darkfairy : i have tons of dominuses! im entityace!
FYEW : Nkn,
rin0268 : wow